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U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election results:  Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

The Liberal/Commie/Left is SO out of touch with the people that they can’t even see that they made the far, right-wing ‘happen.’


The US left-wing is freaking out over the ‘far’, right-wing taking over in EU.  Why??  Liberals enabled it with their open borders craziness, banning words in England like ‘girl’, pissing and whining over the Union flag: It might offend the poor Muslims, the Ass-kissing of the radical Islamists who HATE the European countries, Homosexual marriage, disrespect of Christians, spending like Marie Antoinette on steroids, treating your whites like they are the plague, allowing blacks, but mostly Muslims to burn down England, ditto Sweden & France and then call everyone a racist for hating your Communist insanity..  YOU LEFTISTS BROUGHT THIS  ON.    No one is to blame but yourselves.   Congratulate each other for enabling the ‘far,’ right-wing.. You did it.  AND, leftists have been doing this unsuccessfully for over ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

Look at these websites…here lies the failure of radical, left-wing politics, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth:

This is what leftism brought to Europe and for every action, there is a reaction.. don’t blame the Muslims, it’s the left that is THE problem:



File:Les Evenements de 2005.JPG



UK after one black man was shot-

Tottenham riots, London

In Sweden, the Muslims rioted, indigenous Swedes were told:  ‘Sit down and shut up, don’t criticize this, you racists.’ –

Stockholm riots Sweden

Women are raped in Sweden by the illegal alien Muslims:






Stop bitchin leftists!  You caused this!  And, ‘evil’ white man, Nigel Farage warned you about fierce nationalism well over a year ago & all you stupid liberals did was call him a RACIST & now it’s here!!!!

Greek, Portugal & Spain protest because Communism/Socialism FAILS!

Demonstrators shout slogans and display posters calling for snap elections as they protest in front of the parliament during the vote of the 2014 State Budget in downtown Lisbon on November 26, 2013.(AFP Photo / Pedro Nunes)

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Many in the MSM blamed Pamela Geller & Spencer for Anders Brevik.  I blame you liberals for people like Brevik.  

The right wing IS Coming to the USA, eventually :  Courtesy of the American ‘new’ Left.  

Stop fierce nationalism NOW by halting and putting an end to your multi-cult, Homo-marriage, Hate conservative, Deplore Christians, militant homo sickness, love for abortion,  accusatory, Communist, bigoted insanity.  ASAP.   If you don’t, the right-wing will be forced to thrash your lousy ass—right here in the states & NOBODY will come to your defense, NOBODY.