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U.S. Reaping The World Wind, Making An Enemy Of Vladimir Putin:


By The Lampoonist American- Truthful, excellent synopsis:

President Putin has the power to finally defeat the corrupt financial system of the United States ran by the three mafia branches of Washington D.C., Wall Street, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The American Mafia Trifecta manipulates all financial markets worldwide including the Libor interest rates, the Commodity Exchange (Comex) that sets the price for precious metals, the bullion banks, storage facilities for aluminum, and of course the New York Stock Exchange with high frequency algorithmic trading front running market buy/sell data.The Obama Administration is not going do anything to stop the fraud and manipulation despite his promises of reform. However, President Putin can do what the Obama Administration will not do.   President Putin can bring the financial reforms that are crushing the American working class, and is enslaving Europe with Neo-liberal economic policies of debt, austerity, and asset striping.

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