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Daily Caller: Obama Trading 5 Terrorists For Prisoner Is Treason. And? What Will GOP Do? NOTHING.

Nothing to see here, Kiddies… Because nothing will happen.  Remember, this is America…where we criticize Christian Russia while we aid in murdering Ukrainians…

SO:  Let’s look at the website, Daily Caller.. This is a website, where, if you tell the truth about ‘gay’, they ban you.  If they detect you are more of a truth-teller than they are: They block you.  Yes, you get banned from D.C. for telling the truth, without hate, just truths.   A holier than thou Blog that submits 1/2 facts and blocks patriots is upset because Obama committed treason, AGAIN.   In 24 hours, the Daily caller will have moved on to the next non-story and post a feel-good-happy-horseshit submission and all will be well in Obama-stan America.

What will the GOP do about Obama’s treason?  They’ll put Issa in charge who will blow off some hot air and back to square A we all go.

‘An Act Of Treason’

A fashion look from August 2013I see some Democrats are turning on the spoiled brat, Obama.  Good luck.  The GOP will do nothing for you, either… Unless you call them racists.  SO: Good luck with the race-card which you Democrats have totally worn out.