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Why Does @SenJohnMcCain Have The Ukraine Flag On His Twitter Page & Not AZ OR US Flag?

Well?  John McCain does not work for Arizona.  No way.  He gets paid, what? $175 K to be a US Senator and probably a few million to destabilize the Ukraine government and aid in the installation of a potential fascist.  His pay from the state of AZ is bupkis compared to the millions Soros and company pay this evil, rat-bastard SOB..

Answer me: WHY does a Senator from AZ have a header on twitter with the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian flag.  Does this not concern you in the least bit?  Oh, yeah.. This is “Putin propaganda.”  US Senators are supposed to represent their state, not a foreign country.

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Ukraine flag:

Ukraine Flag

John McCain should be fired and tried for treason just like Obama.