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60,000 Illegal Mexican Kids? No. White House Propaganda To Push Through #Amnesty.

I have the solution for those  children coming across the border:  Put them on buses, 1 way, back to Mexico with a box of crayons and paper and call everyone a racist for sending them back to their own country.  We don’t give a rats ass.  These are not American children.  Mexico has a government, let them take care of their own kids.

Look carefully at this post.. It says they are TRYING to cross the border (does not mean that many haven’t.)  This ‘year’, from when to when?  June to June?  Where did they get the 60K #?  These are lies to push through amnesty.  To make people sympathetic to the children.  I do not pity.  For the most part: These children grow up hating white Americans with a passion.  And, its not because we have been aggressive with Mexico.  They just raise white hating bigots.  They hate Asians also.  By the way.. How come we don’t have this problem with Asians?????

Obama LIES. There is no ‘humanitarian situation’, he lies…DAILY.  He just wants a few hundred thousand Democrat voters.  Obama is just using his agitating skills, again.

Faced with 60,000 unaccompanied children trying to cross the border illegally this year, President Obama on Monday declared it an “urgent humanitarian situation.

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AT ANY RATE: This is how these monsters in the larva stage grow up and treat Americans and any other person that moves here: