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After LIAR Obama Says “US Won’t Be Worlds Policemen” To Westpoint Cadets, He Beefs Up Military In EU

Obama @ Westpoint  Says U.S. Will No Longer Be the World’s Policeman

Just a show at Westpoint.. And, People wonder why this lying crock of crap received a cold reception at Westpoint.  How many young men want to die to make sure Obama and McCains pockets are fat? How many young soldiers want to insure that Neo-Nazis have positions in the Ukrainian government?  Or, do many not even care anymore??  I will tell you straight up:  Countries want the USA OUT of their land.  OUT.   There is NO reason we should be in all of these countries.  PLUS: We are 17 trillion in debt.  We cannot afford this. Period.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The United States is preparing to boost its military presence in Europe at a cost of up to $1 billion, President Barack Obama said Tuesday, as tensions in the region simmer over Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine.

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AGAIN, for the millionth time, it is the EU/USSA that has been aggressive in Ukraine.  “Russia’s aggressive actions”, what a crock of shit. It is not Russia who is in the middle east wrecking Libya, Egypt and Syria, its the damned US government.

It’s amazing to me how many American people are so duped into thinking that Russia is still the USSR without looking at the KGB in our own government.. Clean our own backyard before criticizing other countries.  This moron does not even know that the real enemy is Mexico, who sends in thousands of their people a day. Of course, he would not know this because he helps enable Mexican Marxists, the “Dreamers.”

An art collage from November 2013