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“Euphoria” – Bergdahl Is Diversion Off Of #VAScandal, #Benghazi, #Ukraine

If you are an observant person who tends to not look at the news that the White House is pushing out there, you can see how clever the AmeriKan Communists really are.  They know how to divert attention quite brilliantly.

Let’s look at the real news, shall we?  Today, Obama, meets with the new fascist of Ukraine to discuss US help to train Kiev’s military.  The new murderous president-elect in Kiev has already killed 181+ people & injured 293.  Among the injured is a really happy fellow who helps fight for Poroshenko:

Ukrainian people who are anti-fascist have been beheaded:

A little girls Mother/Aunt/Grandmother murdered:

As people are murdered, beheaded and butchered by the EUSSR/USSA installed government in Ukraine, news like this is posted by US Republicans:  New “F*ck You Putin” Bracelets On Sale to Help Raise Money for Ukrainian Army.

I don’t get it.  The people in Ukraine are fighting fascists & Nazi’s and the ONLY person who can save them and wants to save them is Vladimir Putin.   But, “F’U Putin” Facebook pages are opened?  This is disgusting.  Embarrassing. 

Then we have the VA Scandal.  Which is atrocious.  It has been thrown off the front page news.  Bergdahl was used as a diversion to cover Obama’s scandal-plagued ass and you all bought it, hook, line and sinker.    At least WSJ has noticed the same scenario as I have:  The Other VA Scandal.

Then, there is Benghazi…the story that won’t go away, ‘the gift that keeps on giving’…Also the issue that just keeps coming back but stays out of the MSM… And, why?  Because we have to concentrate on this piece of garbage, Bowe Bergdahl.