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Aggravator/Agitator, Obama Shipping Illegals To AZ On Purpose To Overwhelm Americans

Remember… Obama is an aggravator and an agitator.  Whatever he does for the day is set into motion just to piss you off.

1st of all:  If you don’t know by now that Obama is trying to create a Communist revolution & Martial Law, then you’re too dumb to live.   2nd:  There are hundreds of illegals Obama is moving all over, not hundreds of thousands.   3rd:  YOUR tax dollars are being spent to agitate you.   4th:  Look at some of the photos of these illegals—they are well fed, yet the MSM is claiming that this is a ‘humanitarian crisis.’    Lies, all lies.  The true humanitarian crisis is in Syria and Ukraine…And, as usual, the main stream LIES for Obama & the GOP traitors..