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To M’Fer @SenJohnMcCain: Now Your Jihad Friends In Syria Are Crucifying Christians

Obama, John McCain and their cohorts are 100% responsible for this.  I’m weeping. I can’t even see straight.  Keep blaming Assad for this you idiots, Pill O’Reilly & Charles Krauthammer.  How do people in America sleep at night??  This is what OUR government is arming: Murderers who torture and crucify Christians that are POOR.  Sick.  God: damn them all.

Also: ISIS Reportedly Executed Children As Young as One in Syria

I have just as much sympathy for Jews as I do Christians being of both faiths.  Christians are the ones that are crucified, tortured, murdered, raped and mutilated in the east, ditto Ukraine.  I don’t know how Americans live with themselves.