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Treasonous Obama Freeing GITMO Terrorist. Why Is The Military Following His Orders, Anymore?

Why is the military following the orders of a terrorist ‘leader?’  Why don’t the top generals march in and place him under arrest AND his whole administration? 


The main stream will do nothing, say nothing about this.  They will not enforce his impeachment, either.  They will not touch America’s first black ‘leader’ and you’re an idiot if you think they will..

Of course the release of another terrorist will make Liberals ecstatic.   In my opinion, Obama is doing everything he can to agitate us to begin a civil war.   Of course, I am not going to try to stop anyone if men do start war,  but do know that this is his whole life story:  Starting a Communist revolution.   My husband believes Obama may be insane.   I do not.   I believe that everything Barack Obama does is calculated and nefarious.

Obama to free Gitmo terrorist ‘because he took up yoga’ and wants to start a ‘milk and honey farm.’  Hell, why not?  Let’s just give him a million bux..  After all:  The Taliban is using weapons supplied by Obama’s State Dept.  Makes sense in our insane world…

Judge Jeanine is the only man with cojones in America: