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#UKRAINE Happy Yet, @SenJohnMcCain? Body Of Missing Holocaust Scholar Robert Kuwalek Is Found

I just saw this on my Twitter feed.  Where is John McCain?  Nuland and their NAZI pals?  Are they smiling with glee as humanitarians are snuffed off the planet by their SS buddies?  May God curse these NGO’s.  To hell.  I pray that Mr. Putin goes into Ukraine and saves these poor people.  

The body of Robert Kuwalek, one of Poland’s foremost Holocaust scholars, was found days after he had been reported missing in Ukraine.Kuwalek, 47, had been reported missing Thursday while on a visit to Lviv. His body was found over the weekend. Kuwalek, who was not Jewish, was an expert on the Holocaust in southeastern Poland and what is now western Ukraine.

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How do American people sleep at night?  Oh, don’t tell me, I already know….Its all Putin’s fault… You bunch of evil miscreants.