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French Conservative, Marine Le Pen: “I Hate This Soviet Europe”

Marine Le Pen.

MFS tweeted me this post last week.. I forgot about it but was reminded of it this morning.

Why does she say she “Hates this Soviet Europe?”  Because it is Europe that is the Soviet Communist, not Russia.  Russia is turning nationalistic and Christian more and more.  They have had no choice: They were also faced with their end a 1/4 of a century ago.    Things change, countries move ahead, nations go forward….or backward as has USA and EU.  Europe has thrown off its Christian roots as has America.  Both continents, including Canada  have forsaken their God, morals, ethics and now Communists, Fabian Marxists, Muslims, & illegals run the show.

Ironic is the USA who blames European policy for it’s downfall and even more expected & predictable is EU who is blaming USA for it’s demise.  Isn’t it past time for both to blame themselves and turn their hearts back to their roots?  The blame game is an unwillingness to take responsibility for actions.

For Liberals, they cannot see that their ideology of open borders, political correctness, ‘gay’ marriage and abortion has cause so much unhappiness and they are unwilling to change.

For Conservatives, they cannot see their twisted version of freedom:  Bombing countries at random & fattening the pockets of the likes of John McCain & how it has caused world-wide turmoil, they are also unwilling to change..

So, I don’t see much transformation for EU or USA in the near future.  Not until their pockets are empty and they are starving will things convert to decency.  But, not without bloodshed, unfortunately.