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“Dem Party is F****d,” Wrote Dem Consultant W/ Strong Ties To W.H. “Obama BORED, Tired Of Being ‘Prez’

….Yesterday, it was released that a major Democrat can’t take Obama anymore.. NO way.. Barack is the chosen one, the Emperor, King and most high.. He can do no wrong.  He is the great black hope for ‘evil’ white America. 

If Obama is tired, RESIGN. Go to Kenya, we’ll pay for it.  Anything, just get lost. You’re a horrible, wretched monster.  EVERYONE in the world hates your guts, you spoiled man-child!

A Democratic House member whose endorsement in 2008 helped lift the Obama candidacy told me in January, “He’s bored and tired of being president, and our party is paying the price.”

The story here…

This is the only Tweeter responding to Fournier that has his head on:

Just resign! Get lost!  Affirmative Action FAIL!