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Florida Lesbian (Obama Voter) Murdered Former Lovers Daughter B/c Of Homosexual Church Sermons..

This Lesbian was in church and claims she heard a ‘divine’ voice tell her to kill her lover’s daughter because of the story of Abraham or something like that.     But, never mind… because this woman is insane & I  don’t want to ‘preach’ right now, myself…    BUT:  Why did this happen? Because a ‘homosexual church’ or a ‘gay synagogue’ is not a holy place at all.    It is a place where people worship their own flesh, NOT God.    You cannot serve God AND mammon.   It’s one or the other.  Every sort of confusion & evil will end up being preached in a ‘church’ that is not teaching what is right in the eyes of God, ditto a Synagogue/Temple.

Fornication is sin.   Is it unforgivable?   Yes, I believe so if true repentance is in the heart.   BUT:  God loves virginity and purity.  Keeping yourself pure before holy matrimony is a beautiful thing.    People can be gay all day long.  Some women were born with more testosterone as are some men born with more Estrogen.  That is not the issue.  The issue is #1:  Having sex outside of marriage.  ANY sex.  #2:  God says that 2 people that lie together of the same sex is abominable.  So, burn in lust all day long: That is not the sin.  The sin is acting it out.    #3:  What can we expect from Obama voting nutcases?

See this story: Lesbian who murdered her former lover’s daughter, 2, and attempted to kill her son, 10, left a note explaining she was inspired to do it by a sermon in a homosexual church

Two weeks ago, a DailyMail report said that a Florida mental health counselor accused of murdering her lesbian lover’s two-year-old daughter wrote a note claiming a sermon by a lesbian pastor inspired the killing.

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