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An art collage from January 2014

I was on Twitter this morning and some moron told me that black males DO get the exposure on the MSM… Where?  Where? I don’t see it.  In fact, we never see it because the left wing websites say that ‘knock out games’ and black on white crimes are fictitious.  There are areas in USA where black on white crime is out of control.   There are also areas where Latino on black & white crime  is bad, also..  There are some areas where there IS white on black crime but it is not nearly close to the numbers of black on white crimes that are rampant across the nation.

Then, on Twitter, a black person (I believe) started attacking some evil “Jews”..As if this would bother us. We talk about that here, too.  We, on this blog want this racial insanity to stop.  We want the media to do its job.  The ONLY way to stop violence is to expose it.  So, we shall continue even though this is a tough subject.  It would not be so hard if the news would report it instead of hiding it, making them genocidal.