Yesterday, It Was Illegal Aliens, Today It’s Iraq. When Do You Realize You’re Being PLAYED?

Yesterday, It Was Illegal Aliens, Today It’s Iraq. When Do You Realize You’re Being PLAYED?

You know, I get up in the morning and become totally confused by the news.  What other country has non-stop fiasco like we have here?  Who? Yesterday, and the day before, it was non-stop illegal aliens in the border towns.  The day before, it was some mental case who shot cops in Vegas.  Last week, it was that other shooting.  Can anyone even keep up with this craziness?

I have to learn to steal myself because this complicit media will do anything to keep us going in circles like the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes.  We’re being played.  We have to stick on ONE subject.. And, in my opinion, that subject should be demanding Obama’s resignation among a few others.   I have not kept up with Ukraine this week because so many Americans have depressed me regarding the situation there.  I Tweet the news of what is happening there, but that’s about it for now.

Anyway…Look…they want to keep you going in circles and not focused.  That’s my last 2 cents for this wknd.

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  1. Just so you’ll know…I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth.  My big computer went south, and I’m working from an ancient laptop.  It takes SO long to do anything I could brew, and drink a cup of coffee before it does it!  If I’m lucky, my big one will be back tomorrow, and I’ll try to catch up with everybody.


  2. I’ve been told that the continual crises are purposeful. Three days after one thing blows up in their face, exposing their commie intentions, they do something else to distract us from the last one.

    But now, there is so much crap hitting the fan at the same time, that the whole place is covered in shit. They can’t find big enough tarps to protect themselves. They can’t control and they can’t hide the beast—chaos—that they’ve created.

    It’s going to get real bad.

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  4. China and Russia affirm the US is psychotic . Completely out of control. Because the US is LOSING!! In economy, in wars, in military. when a nation purges its top Military men and put women in the front, its so obvious. But Amerikaners are soooooo stupid!

  5. Splendid news. CNN reports a Ukrainian militaryplane was shot down early this morning (Saturday) in Luhansk, killing all 48 people on board. Hope many were filthy, evil Amerikaners and their darling fascists/Nazis Right Sector.

    Incidentally, Ukraine’s border guards have all vacated their posts and gone home, leaving the borders free and easy for safe passage between Russia and Ukraine.

    5 eyes is up to usual mischief when it reports Russia ANNEXED Crimea. BULLSHIT!

  6. We humans are ‘being played’ alright.

    These methods are also used to create the massive suffering and early death which provide the negative energy these Cosmic Vampires the Dracos need to thrive. The more negative energy they get from suffering and dying humans and animals, the more energy and power they receive to further their anti-human agenda of suffering, death and total destruction of all who they identify as “Goyim” and eventually all humans even their own Cutouts and kingpins.

    One of the Dracos main long term agendas is to allegedly depopulate the earth and replace humans with a very small number of their Draco-human hybrids and custom designed, engineered and cloned biological androids and trans-humans which are biological machines.

    Yes, for at least the last 4,000 years there appears to have been an Evil Alien Agenda being unleashed on Planet Earth by a Cosmic Parasite known to top insiders as the Dracos, and this alien entity feeds off of human suffering and painful human death.

    If you doubt the high level control now exercised by these alien Cosmic parasites, just take a look upward and anyone can easily see large jet aircraft often spraying chem-trails in a criss-crossing pattern over America. Who has the power to make sure extreme neuro-toxins like Mercury and squalene are in vaccinations given to infants in absurdly high quantities, or IQ lowering levels of toxic Fluoride in the water and food which is nothing less than discarded toxic waste from the nuclear, sheet rock and aluminum industries? Who has the power to induce the SSG to deploy such a major soft-kill and “dumbing-down” operations which impacts the whole earth? When you figure this out what these chem-trails are comprised of and how harmful it is to humans, and what criminal cabal is doing this under whose power and instructions, then you are at least half way there.

    Chemtrails are believed to be multi-purpose. They are apparently part of an advanced deep-black nano-particle based UFO detection system and also designed to create “faux dementia” type symptoms in humans, symptoms such as “senior moments of short memory lapse” from nowhere, cognitive slips, time warps and strange moments of confusion that never occurred before, even occurring in young adults. It’s not uncommon these days to see young adults wandering around in a store parking lot looking for their car because it just slipped their mind where they parked it some minutes earlier.

    These symptoms are due to the neuro-toxic effects of nano particles of barium, aluminum and other quite toxic substances including strange human cell products which are inhaled, enter the blood through the lungs and then cross the blood brain barrier due to their small size. It has been alleged that once in the brain some of these metallic substances align with iron particles and can be flashed remotely by high tech psychotronics to entrain certain desired attitudes and serve to dumb-down or tranquilize.

    One of the keys to understanding the range of power exercised by the Dracos over American Society is to realize the strangle-hold of control exercised over the Major mass media for the last 50 years. This control exists and persists, despite all the Talk Radio programs and Truth-oriented Books, Alternative Media on the worldwide Internet, as well as word-of-mouth telling-of-the-truth which of course almost never gets published in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

    Nothing else explains WHY we are where we are.

    Humans are not the problem, it’s the parasites from above.

  7. These Dracos carry no loyalties at all towards anyone or anything. Once they do not need a set of Cutouts, it becomes “bye-bye time” very quickly. And top Intel insiders have reported the last couple of years that World Zionist is now in its death throes and fighting very hard to survive, but that it is now hopeless for them because complete exposure and a massive worldwide uprising against them is all ready underway because of Israeli Apartheid which was set up for that purpose by the Dracos, to be the WZs’s Achilles Heel. In America, the IZCS has penetrated so deeply and hijacked the NSA and so many private Intel contractors (ask Mark Novitsky if you want to identify them specifically), that American Intel’s use of the phrase “National Security” only means Their Security, not Ours.

    The Dracos have set up DHS and all their private Intel Contractors run by the IZCS to complete their goals of destroying all American Goyim and then all Judaics too. That is why they are using the BLM and the DHS to try and provoke a new American Civil War, that is, to actuate and speed up this destruction process. You see, the Draco’s Final Solution is to take no prisoners and to destroy all humans and then repopulate the earth with more of their own parasites, a large amount of robots to do their work and mining and a small quantity of a new type of hybrid android slave. So far all their massive long terms attempts to synthesize the Human Soul have failed despite their horrendous experiments at Nightmare Hall in the Dulce Deep Underground Base. Research to do this continues but is doomed to failure.

    It is important to be clear that not all Judaics are Zionists, in fact only a small proportion. But many are conned into supporting the IZCS without realizing it, because the WZs are very crafty and effective at playing on their loyalties to their fellow Judaics to prevent another so-called “Holocaust”. And it is interesting to note that all WZs are not Judaics by any means. Some WZs are just plain pure luciferians.

    And of course some Christian researchers who have deeply investigated the Nephilim, or fallen ones aka the “Order of the Snake” or the Fallen Serpent/evil angel and who accept the Biblical view of reality, believe much of the disclosures in this article to be true with one major addition. They believe that Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of God, died on the cross to destroy the sins of Mankind, rose from the dead and will return again. Not as a deceptive Antichrist and fake Christ which morphs into pure evil as soon as he gains world power, but as the Lord of All who comes back as the one and only true Messiah Jesus Christ to rescue mankind and put an end to this evil Cosmic Parasite that has descended on earth to test all mankind. How interesting it will be to find out if these folks are correct or not as the future rapidly unfolds.

    * The source for much of the basic information of this article “may have been” from the personal attorney of a former DCI. Only recently did it become possible to publish an article covering these subjects and credit must go to Gordon Duff and the Editors of Veterans Today for allowing such an article. Perhaps some will understand why such an article was not possible until several years ago and why it can now be published on Veterans Today. This suggests a major weakening of the Bush Crime Cabal based on the hidden masters of the IZCS and WZ and their previous almost total control over all American institutions of Government. Please understand that the Editors of Veterans Today do not necessarily agree with anything in this article nor does it represent any official position of Veterans Today in any way. My thanks to the Editors of Veterans Today for allowing such an article which is so highly controversial at so many levels.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Love one another.

    Let us stop feeding the parasites who want to kill us all, every last one of us, no matter who or what we are.

    Love out.

  8. Peruque… WHY does “Veterans Today” think there is some ‘war on the goyim?”

    Where is the war here on my blog?

    Please dont link him, its embarrassing.

    I already know that left wing Jews are huge aholes but ‘war on the goy?’

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