Yesterday, It Was Illegal Aliens, Today It’s Iraq. When Do You Realize You’re Being PLAYED?


You know, I get up in the morning and become totally confused by the news.  What other country has non-stop fiasco like we have here?  Who? Yesterday, and the day before, it was non-stop illegal aliens in the border towns.  The day before, it was some mental case who shot cops in Vegas.  Last week, it was that other shooting.  Can anyone even keep up with this craziness?

I have to learn to steal myself because this complicit media will do anything to keep us going in circles like the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes.  We’re being played.  We have to stick on ONE subject.. And, in my opinion, that subject should be demanding Obama’s resignation among a few others.   I have not kept up with Ukraine this week because so many Americans have depressed me regarding the situation there.  I Tweet the news of what is happening there, but that’s about it for now.

Anyway…Look…they want to keep you going in circles and not focused.  That’s my last 2 cents for this wknd.