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#WhitePrivilege Young Blacks 100x WORSE Than Young White KKK: Teen Female Beats White Girl Mercilessly

Obama’s children are being taught at a really young age to hate white people.  To beat them.  Much like the Hitler youth in NAZI Germany, who beat Jews for no reason, other than being Jewish.

In this video, this young, black girl is beating this white girl purely for the fun:

If this was a black girl getting beat it would have national news coverage for at least a week. In the U.S. it is OK to be racist against whites though.

Just like Germany & the Nazi’s:

Tormenting a Jew in Rzeszów, Poland

Whites in America are being made to suffer for the 1860’s and the 1960’s, that is what leftism has brought you.  THIS generation and the last generation must pay for the crimes of their Grandparents.   American people:  You will not only lose most of your Constitutional rights, you will eventually have to grasp the fact that ALL of you will have to march on DC and in your cities just to be treated human.  You will have to march against the black oppressors.