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Inhofe: “Obama Thinks He’s Above The Law.” Inhofe Will Do Nothing To Stop Obama B/c He’s BLACK. Period

Inhofe Bobble Head

The Democrats AND the Republicans will do absolutely nothing to Obama.  They say; “Obama thinks he is above the law”, but they do nothing because people’s lives are not important.  Obama’s bloodshed & murder is not important in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt.  Nothing is more important to these idiots except being called a ‘racist.’  Out of control black on white crime here in the states is not important.  Over 2,500 civilians murdered by Obama’s drones in Paki and Yemen is unimportant.  

Aiding NAZI’s in Ukraine is not more important than being called a bigot.  Obama funding the Syrian savage ‘rebels’ is not more important that the left claiming you are prejudiced for questioning Obama’s insane policies.   The IRS Scandal, Benghazi, Bergdahl, Fast and furious—none of these SNAFUs are more important than being called a racist.    The country can burn and go to hell—-as long as you are not a racist, bigot, hater, etc.

Let it all burn, baby, BURN.. Let the nation get nuked! As long as we are not RACISTS!!!!