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True Or Not? Obama Releases 12 More Terrorists Detainees From Afghan Prison? NO TO ANY WAR IN IRAQ

Do you want your young, American men to fight FOR “ISIS” terrorists?

AND:  This is just what we could’ve expect from our Communist/Muslim moron: The release of ‘freedom fighters….’ (TERRORISTS) This should work really well for the Dems, come November…  😉    NO to war in Iraq.   Absolutely no more war in the east.  Let them sort each other out. Enough.  Obama will only screw it up more.   Do you all realize that if this “ISIS” goes to Syria, and defeats Assads army there that the Middle East will be taken over by hard core, terrorist Muslims?  HOW does ANY American sleep at night knowing what Obama has done all over this world with his ass buddy, John McCain????



Nobody will remove this asshole because he is……………………….BLACK.