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NOT Surprising: George Soros Meets With “President” Hitler Poroshenko Of #Ukraine

Did the new fascist of Ukraine advise the old NAZI bastard of the genocide he has been committing against the people of Ukraine who speak Russia and are Orthodox Christian?

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‘President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with founder of “Open Society Foundations” George Soros. The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Board of the “International Renaissance Foundation” Oleksandr Sushko and Executive Director of the IRF Yevhen Bystrytsky.’

So, let me understand… McCain, Nuland and others organize a coup in Ukraine.  Nazi’s take over the country.  Ukrainian fascists start murdering off unarmed civilians.  John McCain proudly has displayed the Ukrainian flag on his Twitter page. Soros meets with the ‘prez’ of Ukraine.   And, it’s all Putin’s fault?  “Russian Propaganda?”

Glenn Beck used to expose Nazi, George Soros.  Now, he has joined the ‘other side’-Or at least “The Blaze” has.  Ditto MANY “Conservative” websites….