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“No New War In Iraq” Says Left. But, They Were OK W/ Egypt, Libya, Syria & Ukraine?!

What a joke… For OVER 5 years on this blog, we have been screaming: No war in SyriaNo war in Libya: Libya  No war in Ukraine: Ukraine ..But, suddenly, the Stalinist left wants no war in Iraq?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Where were they when Obama’s drones murdered over 2400 civilians in Yemen and Paki??  2,400 Dead As Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks 5 Year campaign.

A lot of people call us ‘isolationists.’  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  We have brought ‘police actions’ to over 80 countries, people.  If that is ‘isolationist’, just what is non-intervention?  You have your heads on backwards.  These people have not attacked us.  MEXICO is attacking us. MEXICO.  GO THERE.  (However, “International Answer”) is FOR open borders.  Communist ARE insane.)


WE ARE BROKE.  BROKE.  We cant go anywhere.  Deal with it.

Look.. I am glad that someone is doing something in DC.. but, come on already.. The bullshit is astounding. Especially from left wingers.