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@tamaraholder Says Bridgette Gabriel Is Dangerous About Islam

Tamara Holder was on the Hannity panel the other night, telling Brigitte Gabriel that she is a ‘dangerous woman’ for telling the truth about Islamics.   TAMARA:  The ONLY dangerous person is a Communist with a bad attitude.  The panel was right on Hannity—Commies have a love relationship with Jihadists.  That’s a fact. 

Tamara was in the middle east for 2 weeks and she is an expert on Islamics, NOT Bridgette Gabriel who was born there and grew up in Lebanon.  Tamara Holder is koo koo, a Communist and a pile of collective crap…. Along with these Marxists who are sticking up for this feminist gasbag:  Fox’s Tamara Holder ‘Confronts’ Brigitte Gabriel

scan004Tamara is the problem with her wet panties for Obama.  She is an enemy to freedom and liberty.  Whats more–is she knows it.  By the way: There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”, it’s just another made up term, crafted by Commies to silence their opposition..

[We do not like to go on and on about Islam on this website.  We believe the cancer in this country is radical leftism way more than Islam.  And, before you rant about the Talmud, read the truth, not David Dukes version of one of our instruction books: here]