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U.N. Hiring Positions For Gun Grab In NY (Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration)

This is what these words mean:  Disarmament: The act or an instance of disarmingDemobilize: To disband (troops, an army, etc.)  Reintegration: Restoration to a unified state.  I usually don’t link up “Dahboo777’s” Youtubes.  But, when he is on, he is right on.  Just sift through the news, find what is right..

At any rate:  You know what I find interesting?  NYC’ers don’t even carry guns for the most part.  SO: Why is NY a threat to the elite? Wall St crash? A “terrorist attack?”  Why? 

Also, see this information in my tweet about a gun store Obama is trying to close:


This will be coming to a town near you: SWAT teams, tanks, military… (Der Spiegel)