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Presbyterian Church USA: Pro-Abortion, Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage, & Jew Haters.

No joke.  One of the largest branches of Christianity in America completely disregards their faith–to the max.

1. They hate Israeli Jews.

2. They are pro-Kermit Gosnell

3. They Affirm Same Sex Marriage

How does any of this affirm Christianity?? The Presbyterian church is the Communist party. Period.  Where, in the Christian New Testament does it say to curse Israel?  Where is it written to murder babies?  Where, in the scriptures does it say that ‘gay’ is OK?

https://i2.wp.com/somecrap.com/downloads/images/boards/smiley_barf.gifAmerica is supposed to be a Christian nation.  When a large denomination like this turns its back on it’s faith, you should not wonder why our nation is kaputz.  This website recommends you leave this church if you are a member and join a nice Christian church that is not an arm of the Obama administration.

BTW: Ever notice that the Israel hating cult always seems to be the most immoral freaks in the planet?