#ThadCochran So What’s REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning?

So What Is REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning

Last night, the old bag,  Thad Cochran won the primary in Mississippi.. How is that so?

You see, Communist “Democrats” are a patient lot of miscreants. ‘The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.’ -Alinsky.   The reason Thad Cochran won is because tens of thousands of Democrats re-register as Republicans way before the primaries.  They obviously voted for Cochran.  Having an old, go-along-to-get-along Republican is better than a patriot who wants to stop big government to these lunatic Communists.

It is against the law in Mississippi to vote for a Republican if you are a registered DemocratThis article explains that.

So, this is why they change their party.  Then, they simply change it back to democrat before the election.  And, now the Democrat candidate could possibly win in a landslide come November..who knows..

Cochran was not popular at all.  So, he honestly did not win.  Ditto Mitch McConnell, Boehner and Graham.  Congress approval is at what? 10%?  You do the math and then tell me something nefarious didn’t happen.


There is NO way this OLD man won fairly:

cochran060214 445x305 Thad Cochran’s Mississippi

Against this young, fresh man:

Sen. Chris McDaniel announced Thursday, Oct. 17 that he will run for U.S. Congress in 2014.

Cochran’s campaign said that McDaniel was a racist.  How so?  I can guarantee you, 100% – that McDaniel has been brainwashed (like the rest of the nation) to believe that only whites are racists.  He is not ‘racist’ at all.  Liars.

I must reiterate that the old guard should be THROWN out – by force.


6 thoughts on “#ThadCochran So What’s REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning?

  1. not to mention Soros has bought all of the Secretaries of State who verify the election results for each state…& electronics can be so easily hacked.

    Ballot boxes used to be “pre-filled”; now, all they have to do is program the software. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/11/videos-of-vote-fraud-pour-in-from-both-liberal-and-conservative-sources.html



    They win by “just enough”…watch! all for the mighty $$$. Hope it keeps ’em warm in hell…

  2. I live in southern Mississippi and this is no surprise at all for us as we are completely use to dems cheating, lying and abusing power. Check out Johnny Dupree in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and you will see why I say this. Disgusting and pathetic worms. No matter how much the cheat and lie, nothing is ever done to punish nor convict them of their crimes.

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