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US ARMY: Bergdahl OK, No Misconduct. U.S. Army Saw No Threat W/ Major Nadal Hassan

Isn’t there a passage/scripture that says: “Where wickedness abounds, lawlessness will increase?

What part of  ‘Bergdahl deserted, was AWOL when caught’ does the US ARMY not get?   POW?   Really?   He left his post, he left his base, voluntarily.. And was seeking the Taliban when they caught him.  Apparently they were not as thrilled with him as he was with them.

Wesley Dallas says:  

The U.S. Army also saw no threat in Major Nadal Hassan during the many years he openly preached the enemy’s doctrine of jihad against American soldiers while wearing the uniform of an American serviceman.

The U.S. Army also disarms our troops so as to make them vulnerable to murderers.

Forgive us if we are skeptical of our Army officials when they try to dissuade us from seeing what is before our very eyes.

In our insane America, the US ARMY said Hassan was AOK also.. 

I guess the men who served with the piece of garbage, Bergdahl mean nothing.  They’re testimonials are zero.