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#ILLEGALS: I Have Woken Up, Weeping. When Does Anyone Stop This Madness?

I saw this and just started weeping: PELOSI TO GREET NEW ARRIVALS AT BORDER...


We have thousands of illegal wetbacks in our border towns.. They have diseases that can kill us or at least make us very ill.
This is more of Obama’s doing.
He already said: Come on in to these 3rd world humans.
After a couple weeks of being completely overwhelmed, he then said:
“Storm congress”

…Overwhelm us..
Start his Communist revolution.. Declare Martial Law. Become the defacto dictator.
I’m weeping.
I hope the Democrat (COMMUNIST) party is happy. They ALWAYS wanted to destroy this country. They have.
I am lost and sick in my heart.

You know.. people forget that I am American Indian (Seneca/Iroquois), I am a daughter of the American Revolution. They look at the NAME on my blog and judge me by that.  They know zero about me or my heart.  What I write is ALWAYS what is in the depths of my soul.  This is my indigenous land.  I want these 3rd world people out of here.  In fact, I want them dead.

I know what it is like to live around these illegals–they hate this country and delight in shitting on it.  Its horrible. They are trash. The apartment complex I lived in about 10 years ago had a small place where we dumped the garbage.  When Americans lived there, it was always kept clean.  When the illegals moved in, they didn’t even put their shitty diapers in a bag, they left it wide open.  Trash was everywhere.  Rats infested the garage, along with wasps, other rodents, even seagulls. The trash was filled to over-flowing in the dumpster–just disgusting.

I know very well that we are deserving (as a whole) of this insanity.. but, this is still MY indigenous country and I hate all of this.  I cry out to God to judge, expeditiously. Look into the hearts of the people who have undermined Him and have hated the country they were gifted with at birth.  No sane person hates the country of his/her birth…Except a satanic Communist.

Please do not post if you cannot see my sorrow and just want to make me feel worse.