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HAHA! Hobby Lobby Wins Against Obama: SCOTUS “Employers Do Not Have To Pay Birth Control!”

Hahahaah……….Suck it up Obama and Pelosi  😀   I laughed this morning about this like a crazy lady!  Made my morning..

The justices’ 5-4 decision Monday is the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views under federal law. And it means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under objecting companies’ health insurance plans.

An art collage from November 2013

Last week, the SCOTUS voted 9/0 that Obama the slob must adhere to the law.. Of course, he said “Pishah” because he is a whiny, little, spoiled brat.

Now, this blow will make the insane lunatic, Barack come out swinging so get ready..

The most effective form of birth control for you sluts:

Mimic: Mirroring someone else's body language can establish a rapport

And, keep your panties on so that we don’t have to pay for you to murder your child and act like a wanton tramp.  Humans should not have to pay for sexually promiscuous whores.