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Paybacks A B’tch. Russia Attacking US Power Plants. Thanks To @SenJohnMcCain & His Pals


If you play in a big dog’s backyard, you should expect to get bitten.  (Or should I say big bear)

Stuxnet-Like Malware From Russia Is Attacking U.S. & EU Power Plants (GIZMO) , Hat tip:  Mr. Hoft

In December, 2013, John McCain was in Kiev, Ukraine, inciting riot:

Ditto Victoria Nuland:

  • Pierre Omidyar, Ebay founder donated 500K to the fake Ukrainian revolt:  USA Today

After seeing all of this information, you should not wonder why Russia is attacking our power plants.  Why are we in Ukraine?  Why are we funding Nazi’s/Fascists in Ukraine?    I see some Americans are all pissed off that this is happening to us – but do not EVER question WHY. 

AND: Where is Barack Hussein Obama?  Yep, he is working on an executive order to destroy the country once and for all:  Obama threatens executive action on amnesty