Scan0001It really is hot here this week.  It’s supposed to be the beginning of the Monsoon season on Thursday.  But, I don’t see rain coming.  I hope it does and that God will look kindly upon me & David up here in the sticks.  I am missing the ocean and the greenery something awful.  I would like to go visit some friends in California in the fall…But, I am a doomsdayer..  I believe that the west & east coast will be attacked in our future.. While the other states are broken up by a major earthquake.   All of this can happen, but I don’t know when.. So, I get cold feet about visiting the east or the west. But, I DO miss the smell of the sea a lot.

At any rate, we have had a drought here for almost 2 years and people are still unrepentant all over this nation.  When I speak with folks at the gym, out, or at a party–they say the same thing:  “Don’t concentrate on the negative.”  Well, excuse me.. But, I always figured that warning and stating facts was a positive thing.  But, many Americans do not want to hear that their beloved Republican party has gone rogue and is just as bad as the DNC.  Many believe (up here) that John McCain is a great guy… It makes me want to puke.  They will not even listen to one little thing I say about that pig.  It’s depressing.

Here is a song, anyway… Hope it makes you feel good.   BTW – Avrum Mordechai: You like my lady? I made it for you..  😀

yellow bird flys across the screen animated gif