#SecureTheBorder Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Obama, Blaming Congress, Says He’ll Go It Alone on Immigration.  American Californians are ‘going it alone’ as well, meeting his diseased foreigners with signs telling the wetbacks to get the hell outta here.

Here is the story:  Outraged Murrieta Patriots Protest Illegal Alien Onslaught, Block Amnesty Buses! — #SecureTheBorder

Undocumented Immigrants En Route to Murrieta

At least some people down there are fed up.  It’s hard for protesters to meet in any one place in USSA.  The country is almost 3700 miles across and 2000 plus miles vertical.  But, at least they’re trying.

Sad part about what is happening – is that our government, once again, had it’s filthy hands in another country, south of the border & now OUR border is reaping the benefits of Obama/McCains failed, foreign policy insanity:  Hondorus – Wikileaks Revelations Show Obama Administration involved in Hondorun Coup.    More on that:  Honduras coup 2009 /  Honduras coup d’etat 2009 /  Honduras coup zelaya

11 thoughts on “#SecureTheBorder Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

  1. Whre are 0bama’s Brown Shirts? Where are the Black Panthers? 0bama should send them to fight these Americans who he considers Terrorists. Let the shooting begin. Then perhaps Amerikaners can feel a little of the horror they inflict on others.

  2. Actually, what we out here are waiting is to read America’s darling jihadists the ISIS making their way into America and turning America into a Libya.

  3. Amerikaners can try to block their borders. won’t work. the sins of America has such a stench God squeezes his nose. And want to know why?

    The search for the three abducted Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel (who held Israeli and American citizenship), ended on June 30th with the grisly discovery of their bodies in a shallow grave near the West Bank city of Hebron.

    Despite Hamas’s praising of the kidnappings as to which two of its operatives are suspected of being directly involved and Hamas’s continued defiance, there was not a word in President Obama’s statement on the deaths of the three youths indicating any intention to reverse his decision to establish ties with the recently sworn-in Fatah-Hamas unity transitional government. Although no aid is permitted by Congress for a power-sharing government that includes Hamas as a member, the Obama administration has been doing everything it can to end-run the congressional restrictions by pretending that everything remains business as usual. U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki made it clear to reporters at a briefing in early June that the Obama administration would not cut off the more than $500 million of annual aid that it supplies to the Palestinian authorities. She added that the United States “will be judging this government by its actions. We will continue to evaluate the composition and policies of the new government, and if needed, we will recalibrate our approach.”

    Additionally, the United States remains the largest single-state donor to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which have totaled more than $4.65 billion since UNRWA’s inception in 1950. The Obama administration’s budgeted annual contributions to UNRWA are now in the range of $250 million, on top of the above-mentioned half a billion dollars annually in direct bilateral aid.

    After the Obama administration effectively legitimized Hamas by its endorsement of the transition unity government and keeping the gravy train flowing, Hamas responded with the abductions and murders. Yet Obama still believes that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas can retain control of the transition government, which is supposed to be technocratic in nature to help prepare for elections in several months. After all, Abbas had provided assurances that the new government would adhere to past commitments to non-violence, renunciation of terrorism and recognition of the state of Israel, and that Abbas himself would continue to uphold his responsibility to maintain security coordination with Israel.


    America is CURSED. By God. Beyond Redemption.

  4. ISIS would have no resistance if they were to conquer USA as most men wouldn’t be fighting but hiding in their basements. That’s a fact. You know US is screwed up when teens who graduate high school write “this is ARE story”. Are we expecting those lame weak generations to be world changers? No way at all.

  5. How could/can this piece of illegitimate peace of crap keep on, & not go to jail?

  6. I dont know—it baffles me also. Where are the men?
    We ALL know the truth about females: They cant do much of anything, so its up to men.

  7. There are NO men in America. Why the Pentagon decided to put the womenfolk in the frontline. To defend and save thoe with male genitals but absolute yellow, lily livered eunachs in reality.

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