#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

Go home illegals.  Go back to your own country and take Pill O’Reilly with ya.  People are so sick and tired of this invasion, they are spitting on illegals.  I would too.


Protesters block buses bringing illegal immgrants to Murrieta, California

17 thoughts on “#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

  1. This keeps happening because white people aren’t allowed to have a country of our own. Black nations for blacks, Asian nations for Asians, White nations for everybody!

  2. Asian nations will fight to the death to preserve country, tradition, culture. Asian nations do not allow Leftists and Liberals and their deranged political correctness to wipe them out. White nations do. Willingly.

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  4. take them to Washington dc unload on the streets, block traffic, halt trash pick up, no taxi’s running , what do you think would happen?

  5. As you do to other nations and cause terror, displacement, killing, rape, so shall it be done to you. To paraphrase God –

    And GOD saw that the wickedness of Amerikaners was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only EVIL continually.

    Enjoy the invasion of illegals today. Tomorrow you will enjoy the invasions of war and your new rulers.

  6. 0bama cocksucking wordpress BLOCKED comment. they hate God. Motherfuckers always do. Anus fucking slimey scum.

  7. This is the tipping point, I think. It is so
    1. depraved—using kids.
    2. filthy and diseased.
    3. In your face.
    4. Over the top tyranny.

    If this, too, is simply absorbed and forgotten as “we” go back to work or watch Netflix, then there is nothing they can’t and won’t do.

    I no longer pray that the Lord makes us wake up. I now pray for the fire and sword, and hope that I am in the remnant.

    I used to tell my students that a constitutional republic can be lost in no time. Just be ignorant, weak, and focused on pleasure. But I never thought it would happen.

  8. Oh so democracy, human rights, R2P Evil America’s Bitch Jen Psaki calls its CIA managed Nazis slaughter in Ukraine “moderate and restrained”. America breeds Btiches/Whores/Psychopaths. They have a Psychopath shitting and stanching their WH. Just like Amerikaners like it. Not just any psychopath, but a Negro Cannibal. Oooooooooooh!!

    Amerikaners sit on their yellow arse and goggle at the slaughter. More, more, more they chant. And tehn wonder why illegals are flooding their evil nation.

    Luhansk. After Air Strike. Part 4 (of 6)

  9. Majority Amerikaners like living in the matrix Avrum. Nothing you can do about it. Cowards hide their head in the bog. Arse up to be fucked.

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