Talk REAL #GenderBigotry @Eireannach412 – Mens Condoms/Vasectomy Not Covered By Oblow-care

Talk REAL #GenderBigotry @Eireannach412 – Mens Condoms/Vasectomy Not Covered By Oblow-care

Feminism is just man-hatred.. Nothing more than that.

Mens private parts (reproductive) are not covered by Oblow-care.  Only feminists call the latest SCOTUS Hobby Lobby case “Gender bigotry”… What a scam…

I am sick and tired of feminist supremacists and their whiny, nasty, ugly mouths… Spitting spew about a fake war on women for 3 years, now.   They are weak, pathetic, dependent females who must live off of us to support their promiscuous ways and their smelly, dried-up holes.   I was always taught that women should be strong, not rely on men or the state for anything.   My mother & grandmother were REAL conservative feminists.   My family taught me, that if you are to be a tramp, at least have the decency to carry your own rubbers or take the pill.   And, if you can’t afford either…Seal up the snatch..    NOT these modern Liberal women.   They want females to rely on ‘the man.’   Teaching young women to be co-dependent, not INDEPENDENT.


(Sorry for my bad mouth…I just get tired of these windbags…AND, I am not trampy but the above is what I was taught to do)

4 thoughts on “Talk REAL #GenderBigotry @Eireannach412 – Mens Condoms/Vasectomy Not Covered By Oblow-care

  1. I know a feminist muslim woman and she is very mean. She says how muslim men are horrible and white men and on and on she goes about males…I just want to say then why don’t you become a lesbian and stop bitching about males?

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  4. My sister in law is all upset over the ruling.

    I said, “Okay, so the Supreme Court says that a woman has a right to abortion and birth control under the 14th Amendment. But does a woman’s right entail MY duty to buy her day-after abortion pill?”

    She said, “Yes, how else are women going to be provided with it?”

    [So f%$#ing stupid… How is that MY problem?]

    I said, “Well, the 1st amendment guarantees my right of speech, such as emails. How about YOU pay for my computer?”

    She said, “Well, that’s different.”

    [Oh, right. Sure it is. Dumb shit.]

    I could not longer stand the arrogant stupidity. So, I threw her fat ass (and the rest of her fat feminist self, as well) out the third floor window.

    She bounced pretty good.

    From now on I’m following the principle—-If you can’t beat ’em, throw their dumb ass out the window.

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