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#SouthAfrica Enters 2nd Phase Of Murderous Communist Revolution. Blacks Will Confiscate Private Property

I hope you Americans all realize that this is what Obama, Holder and Michelle would love for America.  If you think that black leftists are just mislead, you had better think again.   If you believe that black on white crime is just because ‘that’s how the Negroe’s act’, you had better wake up. 

In America, blacks are taught that they invented gadgets and built America.  The leftist blacks want revenge for a lie.  Ditto South Africa.  Pray for the whites in South Africa because hell is on the way—worse than before.

The embattled European-descent South African minority, too, faces perilous times ahead as growing genocide warnings go unreported, unheeded, and ignored.

South Africa Enters “Second Phase” of Communist Revolution (@defendressofsan)

This is South Africa, people: 



Year 2013 murders of whites by blacks: