#WWIII #Moldova Bans Russian TV, Joins Stalinist EU. (Georgia Also) @SenJohnMCCain Will Be Richer

#WWIII #Moldova Bans Russian TV, Joins Stalinist EU. (Georgia Also) @SenJohnMCCain Will Be Richer

I thought Eastern Europe wanted to be free from Stalinism, Communism and Bolshevism?  They won’t be free from it by joining the EU. At all.

I am sure that John McCain must be happy.. Plan is complete.  Moldova will now join the Islamic, Ass-kissing, Stalinist EU. How will the Moldovans like 10-20K Muslims showing up in their country in the name of ‘tolerance’ in 5 years? Idiots.  Love or hate Russia and Putin, it would serve far better to have stayed with them, at least he does not put up with the stinkin Muslims.   Who is the real aggressor here?  US/EU are seeking to isolate Russia.   And, at this point in time, if you are not rooting for the other side, you’re rooting for Statism, Stalinism and Socialism as EUSSR & USSA are the Communists now.   Disgusting.

YOU look at the NATO expansion map and YOU tell me who is annexing what:

By the way, the crazy man, John McCain already sealed this deal back in March: McCain: Moldova ‘country to watch’  & ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. &Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?”  & Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian ‘aggression’ … & NYTimes: ‘Moldova The Next Ukraine’ (I’ve Been Telling You this)

Just WHO does this snake work for???  He sure as hell don’t work for Arizona.  Stupid old farts here who keep voting for him.


You should not wonder why: Russia Attacking US Power Plants. Thanks To @SenJohnMcCain & His Pals

16 thoughts on “#WWIII #Moldova Bans Russian TV, Joins Stalinist EU. (Georgia Also) @SenJohnMCCain Will Be Richer

  1. The politicians keep everyone at odds with each other at times, so that nobody will notice what the politicians are doing, such as, stealing.

  2. Sad News For The Free World.
    Have To Know That E.U. include, promote Islam, as a part of all deal.
    Which mean that EVERY EU Countries facilitate construction of mosque and so on, and by this to be fair to Islam. (Until Islam will Dominate) But that they don’t say because they are on a “Peace and Love” process that will see the Dawn Of The “real Holocaust”

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  4. 0bama’s cocksucking wordpress busy licking his arse to clean it of shit. BLOCKED my comment. Have a nasty, morgellan’s disease this weekend filthy evil.

  5. They didnt even block it, QV, nothing is here!!!!

    I like that though–catch the Morgellons LOL

  6. Jeez, the rotten plague of the earth have wiped it off, completely. Here’s reposting.

    This is no surprise at all. Moldova is too small a country to stand against Satan America. Unfortunately, it has leaders who prefer the American Arse and Cock to lick and suck. There will be an uprising soon when winter sets in. It all depends on gas and oil.

    Today, Russia , a devout Christian nation, and the Far East (China included) observing Buddhists and Taoism are on the Side of GOD. The West, led by America where Satan resides, prefer to War Against God. Today, Russia and the Far East are a beacon for truth and free speech. While the West has NDAA, NSA, TSA, and Orwellian nightmares which their peoples embrace with much aplomb.
    No other nation has committed Crimes Against Humanity as the West has – last 500 years. Where the fuck do you think the West got its wealth from? Where the fuck do you think the West still gets its wealth from?

    The West’s interpretation and demonstration of democracy is Invade, Murder, Plunder sovereign nations wealth and resources. When the rest of the world hears Satan America embark on its Murder Cry “democracy” we know the targetted country is in for complete and total destruction, murder mayhem to satisfy the insatiable appetite for blood & gore of the West’s Barbarians/Cannibals. Look at Iraq. Look at Libya. Look at Syria. Look at Afghanistan? Did these countries cause 911? NO. But they serve the geo-political interests of the entire Satanic West and its demon-possessed people. Should we even call them people? Or utterly, utterly evil, depraved, debauched, degenerate lunatics? Arselicking and cocksucking Saudi Arabia – the sole perpetrator of Evil islam throughout the world. Yet, who do we see encouraging, aiding, abetting, cooperating, colluding, arming , training these islamists? The Satan Worshipping West. The Christian God is dead. America, Britain, and the rest of Europe have now made the demon allah their god and hell their future abode.

    Bright future ahead Westerners. Enjoy your depravity. Suits you filthy lot.

  7. China has just jailed a Roman Catholic priest for fomenting chaos and anarchy and asking his congregation to start riots in China. Jesuits never stop their evil work until every single one is annihilated.

  8. The Jesuits know that they are facing Revelation 17. they want to destroy the world as much as possible. And take as many souls to Satan’s abode.

  9. ALL whites must be soooooooooo pleased. You utterly stupid, stupid eunuch lemmings. You create ISIS and now ISIS has threatened to take back all ‘occupied ‘ lands – starting with Spain.

    “I tell you, Spain is the land of our forefathers, and, Allah willing, we are going to liberate it, with the might of Allah,” says one of the men. He adds that the group won’t stop at Spain and intends to spread its Islamic Caliphate across the world.

    Siria – EIIL – ESPAÑA es la Tierra de Nuestros Abuelos y la Conquistaremos – 1 Julio 2014

    ALL of Europe can go lick and suck Islamic arse and cock as they are currently doing. Not the Far East. Not Russia. Together we will detonate every living muslim, alive. And we will detonate the Europeans and Americans and Britons responsible for ISIS, too. 133 Uighurs have been executed by China for causing death in xinjiang. They were armed and sponsored by Satan America. Execution is too easy. We must put them in barracks and detonate them with others watching for their turn.

  10. Islamic cock sucking, arse licking wordpress BLOCKED comment. Contact Morgellan’s disease this weekend. Pox on you filth.

  11. Execution by detonation would be clean, agree you stupid, stupid, craven cretins of the satanic west.

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