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#WWIII #Moldova Bans Russian TV, Joins Stalinist EU. (Georgia Also) @SenJohnMCCain Will Be Richer

I thought Eastern Europe wanted to be free from Stalinism, Communism and Bolshevism?  They won’t be free from it by joining the EU. At all.

I am sure that John McCain must be happy.. Plan is complete.  Moldova will now join the Islamic, Ass-kissing, Stalinist EU. How will the Moldovans like 10-20K Muslims showing up in their country in the name of ‘tolerance’ in 5 years? Idiots.  Love or hate Russia and Putin, it would serve far better to have stayed with them, at least he does not put up with the stinkin Muslims.   Who is the real aggressor here?  US/EU are seeking to isolate Russia.   And, at this point in time, if you are not rooting for the other side, you’re rooting for Statism, Stalinism and Socialism as EUSSR & USSA are the Communists now.   Disgusting.

YOU look at the NATO expansion map and YOU tell me who is annexing what:

By the way, the crazy man, John McCain already sealed this deal back in March: McCain: Moldova ‘country to watch’  & ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. &Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?”  & Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian ‘aggression’ … & NYTimes: ‘Moldova The Next Ukraine’ (I’ve Been Telling You this)

Just WHO does this snake work for???  He sure as hell don’t work for Arizona.  Stupid old farts here who keep voting for him.


You should not wonder why: Russia Attacking US Power Plants. Thanks To @SenJohnMcCain & His Pals