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@SenJohnMcCain Happy Yet? 3 Yr Old Boy CRUCIFIED In Ukraine By Nazi/Fascists

A little boy has had his life snuffed out near Slovansk. He has been crucified.  I also received word of this in an email from Ukraine.   Women are raped and bombings are rampant there.  I wonder if blood-thirsty John McCain is happy yet.  He is part of the organization that has enabled the WORST of ‘humanity’ in Ukraine.  

I got very depressed & stopped blogging about Ukraine and also Syria because so many of my fellow Americans contradicted me at every turn when I DID blog about it.   Its not my damned fault that you phoney ‘right wingers’  just hate Russia so much that you side with the NAZI’s in Ukraine.

Poroshenko, the US/EU puppet has had his military destroy an orphanage also:

Excellent article from the frontline in south-east Ukraine in the war against Kiev’s neo-Nazi:

Today in Lugansk,  Graham Phillips:  Ukraine Crisis: Conflict Zones # 1 – Lugansk (# 1) & Why is the Western media on the side of Ukraine?

AND:  Still…no opposer of mine has answers to these questions:

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco, plus the Georgia ‘revolt.’  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.

By the way, sheeple…. Why is nobody asking why John McCain has a Ukrainian flag on his Twitter page:  Why Does @SenJohnMcCain Have The Ukraine Flag on his background/Twitter page? …

I know…It’s all Putin’s fault….