An art collage from May 2014Last night, I was watching the propaganda box.  They said that the 90’s was “The last great decade.”  What?  Nothing happened in the 1990’s that is of any consequence.   We had a pitiful president (Clinton) who was busy getting his knob sucked and bombing Serbia.   There were no real songs that were great.  The only thing that was invented was the internet which was actually created in the 1970’s.  The 90’s is when God turned our country over to sin.

It’s the 80’s that was fun, inventive, & carefree.  Funny, little songs and one hit wonders.   Rubix cube and big hair.  The women looked like ladies, not fat schlubs like now.  The 1980’s had an identity.   Anything after the 80’s is just a blob of massive confusion and you can thank a Liberal for destroying the place with their insane debauchery and filth.

Now that I have said a few words about my fav decade… Let’s enjoy a few songs   😀

I LOVE how the white man bands sang about women – fabulous!  Who wants to sing about American hags now!  LOL

I hate the songs now, they’re NOT songs..Just noise pollution. and, the ‘fashion’ is just slut clothing.

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