Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Mexico does not just ‘allow’ people to come in to their country.  They are not as stupid as we are.  Yet, thousands of illegals are traveling through Mexico.  It’s because Mexico has been given the word from the Negro in charge to let them through to America where they will become immediate citizens – courtesy of the trash that occupies the White house.

In May, Eric Holder forced schools to give the children of illegal aliens a ‘type’ of citizenship: Obama Admin to Public Schools: You Must Enroll  Illegal Children (TOWNHALL)

SO- These sonofab’tches may not have signed amnesty into law, but they have already granted amnesty.  You look at the news today and tell me they didn’t.    Look at these pictures from the last few days.   The FACT that this sick, insane government wants to send the DHS to Central America to ‘process’ illegals means:


Hundreds of thousands of these greasers are on trains to come to the broke USSA.. This started in droves after Holder’s May statement.

illegal immigrants to US

TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND Illegal invaders flood the Rio Grande:

Listen to this:

It’s time for war.  It is time to start shooting.

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  1. An education to which they’re entitled? How are they entitled to something they never paid into? I’m so sick of these lying traitors always lumping TRUE entitlement programs in together with “moocher” programs like financial aid, foodstamps Medicaid, Section 8, WIC, etc etc, as if EVERYONE who collects any type of government benefit is mooching off of the government teet. They just want Americans to view elderly and disabled people as a bunch of lazy and worthless parasitic opportunists. TRUE entitlement programs are programs that Americans paid into as an insurance plan incase they ever injured, layed off or too old to work. Social Security, Unemployment insurance, Medicare, Workman’s Comp, Disabily; these are TRUE entitlement programs, and the benefactors are people who spent years working and paying into them. Our children’s public school education has never been free, as the American taxpayer pays for those schools in which their children receive their education in Marxist brainwashing. Neither do these “illegal” opportunistic squatters, or their lice, TB and scabies infected chilren paid one red cent into to “moocher” programs that Obama is claiming they’re now entitled too. This is wealth distribution under the radar, and the epitome of High Treadin.

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  4. Its Karma paybak time. As your nation destroyed other nations so it is done to you. Live with it. You certainly earned it.

  5. An addition to your woes, 0 Amerikaners.

    From Nazi/Fascist occupied America and the American Exceptional Trash Dump –

    America, the land of liberty, that behaves like it has been given God’s right to destroy nations, murder people at will, loot invaded nations, now treats its own military men as Expendables & Disposables. Never forget what Henry Kissinger said of American military men………DUMB ANIMALS to be used — as pawns and cannon fodder for their oligarchs and military industrial complex. It is now reported that thousands of soldiers – many serving s commanding officers in Afghanistan – will be notified in the coming weeks that their service to the country is no longer needed. Maybe the Defense Dept caught the pulse of the oh so Exceptional Amerikaner people: A soldier is an Uncomfortable Reminder of Failure in the ME & Afghanistan. Booted out with tails between their legs!! American Exceptional today is American FAILURE!! HAHAHAHA!

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  8. This is ALL ABOUT TOTAL POPULATION CONTROL WORLD WIDE WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF FREEDOM ON EVERY LEVEL , and the faster we the people start to figure this out the faster the elite will crash our free systems of operation mainly the free market individual wealth system . These sites will Weave together how this is being down , hell if you remember all that the SPEAKERS who read off teleprompters have said to all of us during times of so called transparency forums and election cycles they have told us what they are doing to accomplish this goal of Zero Growth One World Society !!!!!

    Just think how excited these evil abortionist bastards are as they let all the illegals come in here so they can get to work on them too !!!!

    BREAKING: Mexican Raid on U.S Border

    The breakdown that will come from this Illegal Invasion of Multimillions of people coming in from the south can be tied to the plan being quietly implemented by the very trade partners that the markets are tied too to bring about fundamental transformation through collapse of the current free market system .

    This talks about the mechanics of this in action , “ Remember the quote by Hillary and Rahm never let a good crisis go to waste” ,
    BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements


    ‘Total Population Control’ is NSA’s Goal, Says Whistleblower


  9. In Rome, the public had their bread and circuses while Caesars took all the power from the Senate. Then the Huns, Goths, and Visigoths took over. The UN/NWO rulers will give us one form of Marxism or another and pretend to do what is best for our well-being as they introduce new diseases and vaccines and watch us kill one another. We all need glasses that help us lift our vision to the height needed to see the cause of our problems. Adam Smith and free-market capitalism should rule, but we are being taken over by Marxists that in my memory would have been brought before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

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