MURDERER Clinton Was Impeached & Finished Term, So Should Trump (For A Phone Call)

Remember?  Impeachment is only indictment, not conviction.

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I was younger but I remember Clinton’s impeachment.  I didn’t know what I know now.. but, here’s the kicker:  America votes in a President and both parties go nuts with ‘impeachment’ jargon.  We get the govt we asked and voted for.  Thats how it works.  Don’t like how it works, go vote for someone else.  Dont like how the Republic works? Leave.  Go to North Korea where things are soooo much nicer..  😉

The CommieCrat party is impeaching Trump over a phone call… A phone call about Biden and his corruption in Ukraine.  Well, Biden IS corrupt and he should be investigated.  Joe’s son, Hunter Biden recently admitted this.. So, what are the Commie-Crats impeaching Trump over?  They dont even like Biden..

Sept 2019:  Justice Department clears Trump of wrongdoing on Ukraine call.

Maybe this fake impeachment something more nefarious.. Maybe the CommieCrat party really is corrupt like we’ve been saying and Trump’s investigation is the flame that burns to ‘close to the throne’.   I think so.  Maybe if Trump got that close to the CommieCrat shenanigans, he would soon reveal all of the ‘mysterious’ deaths around Hillary and Bill?  The List of Clinton Associates Who’ve Died Mysteriously, Las Vegas CBS …

And, maybe that would also lead to Obama’s dead pool?? ObamaDead Pool” –

Not everything is always as it seems… Is it?  

Inquiring minds want to know…


The Mannequins today are repulsive.

The Mannequins of yesteryear were absolutely stunning.. The Commie idiots think that Mannequins offend a certain group of people.  They’re SO STUPID!

Mannequins were a work of art.

Below is a 1920’s Mannequin, they were made of wax and they’re worth a lot of money now.  This one is a headbust from France.

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The 1930’s Mannequin was more seductive and sexy:

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By the 1940’s, a return to modesty made a comeback in Mannequins.  And, an air of Sophistication.  You can purchase this one-

The 40’s Sophistication remained and an air of aloofness made its way to the Department stores of the 1950’s: (Christian Dior Mannequins)

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By the late 50’s, early 60’s, big smiles could be seen on the faces of the Department store Mannequins.  Also resemblance of Twiggy, (the model), those Mannequins were quite the rage.

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By the time the 1970’s & 80’s rolled around, the Mannequins had a strong look for the women’s supremacy lib movement 😦

But, they were still stunning:

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In the 1980’s, lots of Mannequins were modeled after Joan Collins:

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Adel Rootstein was a Mannequin sculptor. (there were others, also)  He made really cool Mannequins in the 1980’s of women ‘guarded’ in the business world…protecting themselves with fists, crossed arms, strong posture or a strong, confident look and sculpted wig hair;

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The legendary Rootstein "Dianne Brill" mannequin

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ROOTSTEIN MANNEQUIN | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Rootstein NYC

Rootstein mannequin available at


These are modern Mannequins.  They look like shit with no character, nothing. Just faceless alien robots.

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I’ve been around gays all my life.  Most gays LOVE Mannequins.  So, whats the beef with the ugly Mannequins & who it will Offfffend??  Department stores had better start doing something drastic because Malls across USA are closing down in droves.  Dept stores give nothing for the younger people to look at. No real visual.

I used to walk around Macy’s as a young lady totally amazed at the Visual decor.  It was like going to a semi-sorta-museum.  The decor now is just posters.  BORING.



Every Effort To Thwart Trump By Dems Will Be Met With Gods Expose & Reveal

Isaiah 45:7   “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create calamity: I the LORD do all these things.”

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You Commie demons better get ready…because if Trump refuses to reveal your dirty shenanigans:  GOD himself WILL do it.

Your days are numbered, evil leaders.  As I see the devil get angrier as he works thru the Democrat party and many in the Republican party, GOD will send HIS  righteous anger and indignation at the Dems and the traitorous Republicans.

You see the recent death of Elijah Cumming?  Wasn’t HE in charge of the whole impeachment probe?  Well, he’s dead.  Rep. Elijah Cummings was key Democrat in fake impeachment of Donald Trump.  These were Elijah Cummings words:

“Trump will be re-elected over my Dead Body”
-The honorable Elijah Cummings (Dem-Maryland)

You see how Bernie Sanders had a heart attack?  

You think these things are ‘coincidence?’  THEY’RE NOT.

The anger of the LORD is here.  How many evil Democrats have to die?  Will they continue to mock our God?  They need to turn and repent before God brings more chaos and allows more death in the Democrat camp.

It’s not that DJT is an ‘innocent’ man.  Its not that he is pure as the driven snow, its not that hes not a womanizer, its not that hes not a shrewd business man.  He is all of these things and more.   BUT, God sees in the soul.  God knows the hearts of men.  In Trump’s spirit is something that God has touched and no man can ‘touch the cart’ without great pain coming to him for daring to put a finger on the anointed of Gods choice.

Don’t ask me WHY God chose DJT ‘for such a time as this’.  I have NO idea.  But, he has.

1 Chronicles 16:22:   ‘Touch not my anointed: and do no evil to my prophets.’


Under OBAMA, The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt & Libya, Failed In Syria

Under OBAMA, The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt, Libya

They most certainly did.  I warned on this blog for YEARS about the coup’s that could come here.

 The next step the Commies might possibly take is to bring out their “ANTIFA” and 10’s of thousands of leftists to ‘protest’ Trump.  After that, they could tear DC apart like they did in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt and Syria.

Obama demanded Gaddafi step down, Libya fell to the US GOV created chaos:  

Obama TRIED in Syria and failed:

Obama demanded Mubarak ‘must go’, below.   After he did this, Egypt broke out in total chaos:

Obama admits that US govt was behind the coup in Ukraine:  

US President Barack Obama revealed the United States’ involvement in the Ukrainian crisis from its outset and admitted that the United States “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.”

US President Barack Obama’s recent interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakiria reveals the United States’ involvement in the Ukrainian crisis from its outset and that the country worked directly with Ukrainian right-wing fascist groups, experts told Sputnik.

On Sunday, in his interview with CNN, Obama admitted that the United States “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”:

“Obama’s statement is reiterating something that the world public opinion already knew —the US was involved in the coup of [ex-Ukrainian President] Viktor Yanukovych from the start. History shows us that the US has overthrown numerous governments in Latin America, Asia and Africa and replaced them with leaders that ruled with a fascist ideology that proved useful for Washington’s geopolitical interests,” independent researcher and writer Timothy Alexander Guzman told Sputnik.

  • SEE:

You really think these bastard CommieCrats with their turncoat, America-Hating Republicans won’t ‘do it’ here???!!!

We warned Republicans and open minded Democrats that a coup could come here.. Like a Karma payback for what our govt has done.  Nobody listened, blamed Putin for Ukraine & Syria…All along, it was OUR govt destroying countries.  

Its time to pray like never before.  Pray, Pray, Pray.  CommieCrats are trying to grab power.  They succeeded in Russia last century.  They’ve succeeded in most European countries now.  They will succeed here unless Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting #Coup Just Like They Did In #Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!


Prez Trump? Why The Continuation Of Lawlessness? Martial Law?

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…And it’s not just he who does nothing… the Secret Service, those who are tasked with protecting the president, do nothing. They do nothing when people inside government and outside government are threatening his life. They just let it go on and on and on.

He finally did something interesting last Wednesday: he pulled John Brennan’s security clearance. Though he should have done it a long time ago, it is finally done. That’s big. But he needs to get bigger. Obviously.

Either Trump knows something we don’t know, or he just doesn’t give a f’ck? I don’t have the words. I do not understand it. Nothing seems to bother Trump in the least. Nothing. And he is pulling the biggest crowds he has ever drawn. The Dallas rally, in spite of the threats and the implied threats on Trump’s life, was one of his biggest events ever. In Minneapolis, though the Communists tried their best to stop the entire rally from happening to begin with, was a sold out smash success.

Some amazing things:

While he may be doing nothing about all of this, save for laughing in their faces and continually ridiculing them on Twitter, Trump has done some amazing things: China is still getting their ass kicked royally; The illegal immigration has ground down to a trickle, the caravans have stopped; the wall is actually going up; the economy is still strong; he continues to expose the MSM and the intelligence community for exactly what they are: enemies of America, and our enemies are so pissed off that they can’t shut up about him.   It’s a Trump world and they are all just stuck in it.  And there’s nothing, it seems, short of impeachment or assassination, they can f’cking do about it. And they can’t even get that job done!

Trump is right where we want him.  Right where he belongs.  Right where he wants to be and needs to be.

Trump has accomplished A LOT just by showing his face and telling it like it is. And I hope he continues. I hope he gets even harsher. He is burying these Commie bastards in their own feces.  More Americans are awake than ever before. Not enough are awake just yet, to be sure, but people do know something is terribly wrong and want to do something about it. Trump is the conductor, and he is making these c’nts sing. He is quite a marvel to behold, I must say, a President like no other indeed. We are fortunate to have him.

Martial Law:

I have been saying all along, ever since the moment Trump was inaugurated, that he needs to declare martial law. We need to actually physically go in and take the troublemakers out. There is no other way. They have to be removed, locked up for life, and many executed. Without this, we are doomed.

Even if Trump wins in 2020, and it looks like he will, it will possibly be the last Presidential election the political right will ever win. We have lost the demographic. For Whites, freedom lovers, legacy Americans–it’s all over.  Our country is destroyed already.  Trump is the symbol of the last hope there is for freedom. When he is gone, with it will come the realization for most Americans that their country is finally finished. It will spark war.  If Trump declares martial law however, there is a good chance we can turn the tide and preserve whatever remnants of the republic remain and build on that. When the left takes control once again–we’re finished politically forever. We will have to go to war or sit down and shut the f’ck up forever.

“Guard with jealous attention the public Liberty. Suspect anyone who approaches this jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Patrick Henry



That’s what we all are in USA:  SELF ABSORBED.

As I made this digi-art above… And…I saw all of us American people in it.. We’re self absorbed..  It’s I, Me, My in the USA. When we’re in line at the grocery store, we get mad if the cashier is taking too much time.  Why? Because I have something important to get to.  We get pissed off when the light won’t change as fast as we want it to.  Or, God forbid, someone is taking their time on the road.. ‘I am in a hurry!’  When we’re at work and we’ve hit a deadline… “Get out of MY way, I have to finish this!”.  When it comes to family, its: ‘MY family, THEY are more important..’

Recently, I was in the grocery store.  I kept getting out of everyone else’s way.  Let the people go before me, let them cut me in line, help them get a can of food that’s up high.. Move out of their way.   I’ll be honest with you all.. I am ALWAYS getting out of people’s way.  Always.  And, this does not make me a ‘great person’.  God just made me try to always be considerate.   But, here is what I must say:  I don’t see many people getting out of other people’s way or helping others.  In fact, when I do see it, I am shocked.

A para-phrased scripture in the Bible says to: ‘be kind to strangers because that stranger may just be an angel in disguise’.

If we would only take a passage like this more serious.  If only us Americans were not so hard to the people around us…because we are.  We are very hard.  We are ‘put off’ by others misfortunes.  We are put off by being inconvenienced.  Ever look up the word: “Narcissist?”  Well, you may not be a full fledged narcissist but we all have a bit of that devil chipping away at us.  Isn’t it time to thwart the devil out and be kind to people?  Isn’t it time to show other people, in action…that THEY are important?  That they matter?  Think about it.  I see that quote all over: “The change you want to see in the world begins with yourself”.  Well, its a more biblical quote than anything because Gods spirit wants us to CHANGE.  Change into the image of Jesus, the spirit of the Lord, God, the prophets, the saints.

Its a hard task.  It is.  Because we as humans really do not care about anyone but our own precious hides.  Let’s stop this.  Let’s work to change..Ask the Lord to HELP us be loving toward people.





Immigrants, Illegals: The 1965 Immigration Act Doomed America

In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln said that a nation divided against itself can not endure, but in those days we were mainly divided in just 2 ways, slave vs free states.   Of course there were other smaller divisions such as white man vs red man, but that was nothing compared to what’s going on today, where we are pulling in 20 different directions.


In 1965, our government, and notice I said ‘our’ government, not the world’s government opened our borders to the 3rd world. This was done mainly by GOP support as the southern Dixiecrats wanted no part of this.   As just a junior in high school, I said back then that this is the beginning of the end of The United States. You can not mix the 3rd world in with the 1st world.   The 3rd worlders can not keep up, so standards have to be lowered for them, which means the nation as a whole now has lower standards for all. These 3rd worlders, with few exceptions, can not adapt to their new country’s culture and language so they demand that we change to theirs, including allowing their flags. Some of these people came here not knowing what a toilet bowl is, so I am certain that they will do just fine in their new host country. As right wing Rabbi Kahane noted back in 1968-‘If we mix with these beasts, we will not bring them up to our level. On the contrary, they will drag us down to theirs.’


1965 was the first time our president and legislature acted on behalf of the world instead of the American people and we let them get away with it. We allowed over 800,000 3rd world dumbbells and savages, per year, into our country legally and never stopped the tens of thousands of illegals pouring over our southern border that adds to the chaos and high levels of crime, including far more murders of real Americans than Muslims could ever hope to accomplish.


As we learn more and more about our government due to the internet, we find that they are all either crooks or traitors but most are both.


Most Americans care more about what’s happening in the world of football than the collapse of their country.



-David Ben Moshe

“Treasure out of Darkness”

We all have seasons of darkness, depression, sadness, being forlorn…

We find our way when we get quiet before the Lord.  Put away the Ipad, the cell, the laptop, the pc.  Pick up your favorite book, even if its not the Bible.  GET FOCUSED.  You will find the answers you need in the QUIET.

For about 2 months, I have been in a super dark place after many disappointments.  The Ipad is my ‘g’od.  Truly, if we are honest, we can all say, the Ipad, laptop and so forth are our ‘g’od.

I am finally dumping the Ipad, (save an hour or up to 90 total minutes on it to catch up on emails, facebook, etc.)  I felt God saying to my heart: “Will you serve me by letting go of that Ipad?”  The first day, I was still out of sorts… but the second day, I felt more free.  I have a ways to go…

I believe that in the DARKNESS, not ‘lightness’, God will reveal that which is hurting and hindering you.  Because when we are hurt:  not at peace and in turmoil, it is a darker place, spiritually and mentally.  God wants to bring you freedom and joy in your spirit in this dark world, people.  HE DOES.


Isaiah 45:  “I will go before you and level the mountains; I will break down the gates of bronze and cut through the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by name. For the sake of Jacob My servant and Israel My chosen one, I call you by name; I have given you a title of honor.


This digital art I created today… There she is, in the dark and cold, in her mourning..she finds her ‘red balloon’ (my own personal ‘signature’ for Gods spirit in art 😉  At any rate, in the dark…cold season….She sees the light of Gods answers to all of herproblems.  That is the message from me to you.

Love, ♥


A Lamp Unto My Feet, A Light Unto My Path

A Lamp Unto My Feet, A Light Unto My Path


My husband and I moved to Arizona to be near family.  Initially, my husband wanted to go to Florida to be near the coral wreaths.  He loves fish.  But, my husband is a ‘happy-go-lucky’ type man.  He is happy anywhere as long as he feels a little financial secure.  He suffered many setbacks as a younger man, losing over a million in the stock crash of August 31, 1998 when the DOW dropped 551 points.  He was passed over in his job position many times when he should have been promoted.  Dave is a genius. They all knew it at his corporation but jealousy is always a factor in the mix.  He’s just super smart.  BUT, he is super nice and ‘nice guys finish last’ in this lousy world.

I urged my husband to move to Arizona and here we have been, in the desert for 10 years because I HAD to be near my family.. Although it is bright with sun in this desert, ….its really dark…. spiritually…. in my opinion..I should have followed David’s urge to be in the South..A woman should let her husband lead the way, ‘happy-go-lucky’ or not.  I was wrong.

To the gist:  “Lamp to our feet is small”

Why would the Psalmist say such a thing? Psalms 119: 105 – Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Why?  Because we live in a dark world, filled with lies, confusion, corruption, evil politicians, terrible leadership, money hungry morons, child molesters, rapists, feminists, militant gays and so forth.  Its DARK out there.

A lamp to your feet would be a small lamp because we would not be able to carry large ones since we are held in our flesh by roughly 5 to 6 feet in height.  So, the lamp is small.  Why would you need a ‘lamp to your feet?’  We already have the sun!  Its so dark and cruel in this world, we just have NO clue how dark it really is.  Its not ‘nice’, it is not a ‘wonderful world’… That song is a lie.  The only thing really wonderful about life is babies, youth, flowers and animals.  Life is filled with many disappointments.. Its how we HANDLE this life is what matters.  How we react to the situations around us with that small light.

God puts a lamp to our feet…and it is a SMALL lamp.

In the NT, Jesus says that ‘if you have faith as a mustard seed, you can move mountains’.  God isnt into the ‘big’ lights.  He is into small.  Smaller is harder because it requires trust.  And, NOBODY really ‘trusts’ God.  We just don’t.  We don’t have the mental capacity to trust anything we can’t see.  We’re trapped in this body.

The word shows you the WAY TO GO.  It shows you, not always how to get there but how to walk thru the muck and mire of life’s disappointments.  The word is a small light in this world of darkness.  Not a big light.  But, it CAN get bigger the more you look to God.

Think of yourself hunched over with that small light.  Envision yourself walking with that small light in the dark.  You now see how you can’t walk fast?  You have to feel around you? That’s life if you believe.  Don’t do this ‘fast’.  Be careful around people and situations…’feel your way’.  See?  The word of God is our ONLY brightness.

I hope you envisioned what I am saying because I can’t write more now. Lol.