Under OBAMA, The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt & Libya, Failed In Syria

Under OBAMA, The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt, Libya

They most certainly did.  I warned on this blog for YEARS about the coup’s that could come here.

 The next step the Commies might possibly take is to bring out their “ANTIFA” and 10’s of thousands of leftists to ‘protest’ Trump.  After that, they could tear DC apart like they did in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt and Syria.

Obama demanded Gaddafi step down, Libya fell to the US GOV created chaos:  

Obama TRIED in Syria and failed:

Obama demanded Mubarak ‘must go’, below.   After he did this, Egypt broke out in total chaos:

Obama admits that US govt was behind the coup in Ukraine:  

US President Barack Obama revealed the United States’ involvement in the Ukrainian crisis from its outset and admitted that the United States “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.”

US President Barack Obama’s recent interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakiria reveals the United States’ involvement in the Ukrainian crisis from its outset and that the country worked directly with Ukrainian right-wing fascist groups, experts told Sputnik.

On Sunday, in his interview with CNN, Obama admitted that the United States “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”:

“Obama’s statement is reiterating something that the world public opinion already knew —the US was involved in the coup of [ex-Ukrainian President] Viktor Yanukovych from the start. History shows us that the US has overthrown numerous governments in Latin America, Asia and Africa and replaced them with leaders that ruled with a fascist ideology that proved useful for Washington’s geopolitical interests,” independent researcher and writer Timothy Alexander Guzman told Sputnik.

  • SEE:  https://www.globalresearch.ca/washington-was-behind-ukraine-coup-obama-admits-that-us-brokered-a-deal-in-support-of-regime-change/5429142

You really think these bastard CommieCrats with their turncoat, America-Hating Republicans won’t ‘do it’ here???!!!

We warned Republicans and open minded Democrats that a coup could come here.. Like a Karma payback for what our govt has done.  Nobody listened, blamed Putin for Ukraine & Syria…All along, it was OUR govt destroying countries.  

Its time to pray like never before.  Pray, Pray, Pray.  CommieCrats are trying to grab power.  They succeeded in Russia last century.  They’ve succeeded in most European countries now.  They will succeed here unless Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting #Coup Just Like They Did In #Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!