REACH & Don’t Quit

Lately, for the last 10 years, life has been filled with disappointments and frustrations.

People of the faith, whether Jewish or Christian are not the most helpful people many times, either.    They are filled with nonsense like ‘think positive’.  Gimme a BREAK!! When things are going wrong, you cant think ‘positive’ because you’re in the thick of it.

Why not just let people rant, cry and be angry?  Be frustrated.  Just let people ‘feel’. We live in this idiot society of “Think happy thoughts”.   Life is NOT ‘happy’.  The fact is: Life is FILLED with much disappointment and frustration.  Sometimes, those deserts of disappointments last for a longgggg time, too.

When friends disappoint, dump your relationship, ghost you…when life hands you the worst, when life is upside down and you are filled with money problems, when sickness swallows you up.. GET ANGRY.  GET UPSET. CRY. RANT.

Don’t listen to the voices around you saying: “Well, everyone goes thru this”…as if your situation is not unique.  IT IS UNIQUE.  Because you are going thru it.  You’re important to the people around you.  Even if they too…. are morons.

My contribution to your upset is this:  Just hang in there.  Hang in.  It won’t last forever… (even if you’ve been in it 10 years, lol)  Hang in, you’ll get thru it.  But, FEEL, Dammit…..Just cry, get angry, FEEL!  Screw the pills, just get those emotions out.  😀


In my opinion…One of the best songs..

Hang in there.

Mr. Butterfly’s Birthday (Digi Art)

Here is one of my latest from the series of the “Red Balloons”.  I thought this was such a happy balloon!  I dont know why… At any rate, thru some dark times I have been experiencing in my spiritual walk with God, this red balloon and girl has sort of made me feel better 🙂

MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to “Impeach” Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to “Impeach” Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

It never ends with the CommieCrat bastards.  NON STOP turmoil.

Im not even a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person but what these bitches are talking about is treasonous.  They said this shit on NATIONAL TELEVISION:


They are talking about impeaching Trump, ousting Pence and installing the baby-murdering, NAMBLA worshiping bitch, Nancy PIGLosi.  Right on the friggin TV.  WTH IS WITH THIS NATION!?

Trump said he would ‘restore order’.  This is not order, this is NON-stop chaos and he just keeps putting up with this crap!

Read this young man, Collin Ruggs opinion:

The CommieCrats are friggin EVIL!!!!! Satanic scum. Filthy pigs!

And those are their good points!

The Nation HATES Dems Now. They Have To STEAL Elections & Tax Us For Their Felons, FemiNazis & Foreigners

The Nation HATES Dems Now. They Have To STEAL Elections & Tax Us For Their Felons And Foreigners

I’ve been observing the stupid, pathetic, foreigner-first, anti freedom, PIGS called Democrats for a few years without saying anything.. I went dormant.. WHY did I go dormant?

I went dormant to practice patience with these fools. Be more Christian about life and people… I have sat with more Libs, Leftists, Commies, Socialists that you can shake a stick at for over 3 years after I closed my blogs.  There I sat with the brats…I listened to THEM and their concerns about how everyone should get paid more, how women should have MORE rights, how gays are ‘discriminated’ against, minorities oppressed, etc… Did they listen to me about freedom, liberty, privacy,  white hating crimes, babies in the womb..NO.  They just don’t listen.  They don’t care.  They just want ALL of America to become a big human, shit-filled San Francisco.

The CommieCrats have to steal elections like we witnessed here in Arizona  in the last Senate election.  The votes came in for McSally (who is a bloviated, John McCain type jerk), she won.. Then, all of the sudden, overnight…..over 10K plus votes ‘appeared’ for Kyrsten Sinema, the Lefto/Communist.  Nobody can convince me that these votes were not ‘processed’ by that disgusting bastard, Soros.  The state of AZ GAVE Sinema the seat. GAVE it to her.  No questions asked.


The CommieCrats have to tax the citizens of America to pay for their foreign, diseased riff-raff.  In NYC, theyre passing a law to make it illegal to call ILLEGAL ALIENS, “Illegals”.  So, the citizens of NYC have to pay almost 50% of their income but they can’t even talk about the friggin ILLEGALS.  The CommieCrats care more for their plagued foreign freaks than they do the taxpayer who makes them rich.  Talk about UNGRATEFUL.

I’m sick of AOC, IlHAG and all the feminist gasbags.  Their mouths over-load their asses.  Im sick of feminism.  Im disgusted that in NYC and a few more states, they poison a baby being born if the bitch giving birth does ‘not want’ her child.  The Commies smile with glee as they murder little babies. THEY MAKE ME SICK.  They’re totally evil and everyone sees it now.  The only people not seeing it are the stupid Dems.

I pray against these mongrel horde Commie pigs.  I pray they fail more.  Every time they attack ol Trump, they get exposed.  Lol.  HAHAHA. Die Dems, just DIE.

Democrats Heads Up There As Stickers image 0

Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting #Coup Just Like They Did In #Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!

Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting Coup Just Like They Did Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!

WTH is Trump waiting on!?  He has all the evidence he needs.  The CommieCrats, under Obama foisted Mubarak, Gaddafi,  & Yanukovych out of power.  What makes people think the Communist fascists won’t attempt it here?  When you see thousands come out and demand the ouster of Trump, believe me, (because Soros is in the mix), they WILL try it here.  





This is one of the reasons I am NOT a huge Pro-Trumper:  He just allows this insanity to continue.  A leader will simply arrest those attempting & committing treason.  Its up to TRUMP to restore order.  He does not restore order even though he promised this in 2016:






Biden Is TOTALLY Involved in #UKRAINE! The Whole Commie-Crat Party Is!

Biden Is TOTALLY Involved in #UKRAINE! The Whole Commie-Crat Party Is!

WTH was Biden doing in Ukraine in 2015? The job of the Vice President is to get up in the morning and ask the President how he is doing.  Here is Biden giving a SPEECH to the Ukrainian Parliament in 2015, below.  Search Biden’s abuse of power for yourself! Ukraine, 2015:

WHY did Hunter Biden get a position with the largest Ukrainian Gas Co??  Its ALL about OIL.  Trump isnt into the OIL proxy SNAFU’s and regime changes.

Today, Gateway Pundit has linked SOROS as being ‘in charge of Ukraines gas and oil’:  

EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s State and Justice Departments Assisted Billionaire and Democrat Donor George Soros in Attempt to Control Ukraine’s Oil and Gas Industry

Well, WE told you about that YEARS AGO, Jim Hoft.. You LAUGHED at me!

This is what Obama, McCain and the COMMIE-CRAT party put in power in Ukraine:


Here is McCain and Sen Murphy fomenting SOROS Revolt in Ukraine in 2013:


Sen Dana Rohrbacher knows ALL about Ukraine:


Here is Hillary Clinton in Ukraine, praising fascist filth, Poroshenko in Ukraine:


Guiliani….He is saying ‘major collusion’ with Commie-Crats and Ukraine… NO SHIT!


The  Commie-Crat party supports NAZIS in Ukraine.  Installed NAZIS in Ukraine.  They should be arrested.

All of em! LIARS!

VINDICATED! I Told EVERYONE About #UKRAINE Years Ago, You All LOL’d @ Me!

VINDICATED! I Told EVERYONE About #UKRAINE Years Ago, You All LOL’d @ Me!!

I told everyone on the blogosphere about Ukraine, Joe Bidens son, Joe Biden, Soros, etc.. And, now, everyone acts like its a big thing.

Fact is the COMMIECRAT filth destroyed Ukraine and installed Neo Nazis and fascists in the  Junta in Kiev.  Every “Conserative” website mocked me, said I was a “Russian tool” and so forth.. Well, I AM VINDICATED.  

Look at all my posts here, copy/paste:

Everyone is pissed off at the Commie-Crats and their push for impeachment against Trump re. some hogwash in Ukraine…but I was pissed for years before.  It is the COMMIE-CRAT PARTY who did dirty dealings in UKRAINE!!! FACT!!  NOT Trump. LIARS!!!

Click thru the posts above for a page or 2.  You’ll see my constant work regarding the MESS in Ukraine because of McCain, Murphy and more.  I used to yell at sweet Mr. Jim Hoft about Ukraine and what our govt did there. NOW he sees:

One of my old graphics re Ukraine:



Paul Joseph Watson linked this above on Twitter:


The Looney toon, “Medium” linked me up years ago:

I left for almost 2.5 years but Im back.  And, pissed off. As usual…


Read Russian/Ukrainian expert reporter,  Mr.  Michael Averko’s website for the TRUTH about Ukraine.  He sent me this email this AM:

Michael Averko <michaelaverko@private
The October 4 segment between Tucker Carlson and Stephen Cohen begins at the 9:30 mark of the above linked video. It ends with an unanswered question on why does Donald Trump’s attempt to improve US-Russian relations face more opposition than the same effort from other US presidents?
The answer is quite easy. Trump has taken the effort at hand to a greater degree than his predecessors. At one time or another, he has acknowledged a pro-Russian majority in Crimea, second guessed the need for NATO, while expressing some doubt on the negative propaganda against Russia and its president.
In its fund raising efforts, The Intercept still presents itself as a viable alternative to US mass media. At that venue, the content from Robert Mackey runs in clear contradiction to that image. His core views onUkrainegate are quite collapsible (when substantively countered) and in line with what’s favored at CNN and MSNBC.