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  1. The Way I See It ..Have To Form A Punk Band Called : The Metamucils,
    Make A Cover Of The Clash : Should I Stay Or Should I Go ?
    And Name Their First Album «  Taking The Crap Out Of You »

  2. Yep. Plus a whole lot of new stressors including, as you say, young people aren’t taught. I observed that young people refuse to be taught. Also many youth think that the mess they inherited is OUR fault & they are being encouraged to genocide us.

    If you qualified for a medical scooter you are targeted cuz they ASSume that you have money;
    Or they ASSume you are on the dole; Or they ASSume that your brain is gone too; Or they ASSume that you are too frail to fight back; Or they ASSume that you have all the time in the world & they can shove ahead of you because they ASSume that you also have a cook, a maid and a personal caregiver to help bathe & dress you but you don’t!

    After you have had a couple of major medical events, even if you are still quite young, your provider tries to shove you off into MENTAL because you have already exceeded your lifetime alottment and your “private” insurance simply isn’t going to pay for any more. All of your physical symptoms become a mental health issue & if you die from the lack of appropriate care they can just say that it was difficult to diagnose you properly because you were mental & your presentation (behavior) clouded the issue for them. These days you must acquire a medical degree and give them medical words because they can’t (won’t) translate your symptoms into a treatable diagnosis for you. (My closest hospital has never diagnosed anything other than bladder infection for me. I figured out appendicitis on my own before going to ER – my presentation was not standard so every doctor missed it.) But God forbid you Google. They HATE googlers. But of course if they did their job we wouldn’t have to.

    Sometimes we think that if we use too much medical the next surgeon might get a bonus if they creatively off us while we are under. Or, we observe that it appears that heart doctors are only allowed 1 big save. Then they just scratch their heads in confusion when you continue to have problems. You have to go to a new heart doctor. We have been through this enough times that we see this pattern. Or, it seems that some doctors have carte blanche to try to kill you by taking you off the Rx that you need to stay alive . . . like telling a CHF patient to stop their Lasix. Hmmmm. . . .I’m going for a surgery soon – will writing these truths here cost me the ultimate?

    Many women complain that they have been suckered into major surgery for their female junk without proper science to back it up. Perhaps there is a psych element to this as well. Women are often floundering at this age & they get to direct attention to their life threatening situation and go to support groups and blog about it. So if they encounter a slick shyster as I did this last year maybe they don’t question – just go with it. But my insurances haven’t offered me any support groups for all that I am going through – so maybe that’s just on TV.

    Then there’s the bait and switch – mental health again. That cardio rehab that you are supposed to stay in but can’t afford? Another provider will contact you & offer it for free – even free transportation. But when you get there you find yourself in a room with a bunch of chairbound dementia patients who try to obey instructions to lift their hands over their heads a few times per hour. It’s NOT cardio – they are trying to put you in a care facility! This is really SCARY!

    Memorize these 3 words . . . APPLE, PENNY, TABLE. These are the 3 words that your burned out professionals use to determine your mental function. At the beginning of your physical check-up they ask you to remember these three words because they will ask you to remember them at the end of the appointment. After so many years we just tell them APPLE, PENNY, TABLE as soon as we get in the door! If you don’t want to get forced into a facility remember these words!

    Enuf 4 now.

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