Authored by David Ben Moshe:

President Trump signed a new executive order making it illegal to harass Jews on a college campus.   Most Americans that follow the news, but not in heavy detail, think his new law is designed to protect Jews all over the country.

It doesn’t do exactly that, but never the less:  no group, anywhere in this country, should have special laws just for them. Physically attacking someone, anyone, anyplace in the U.S. is already against the law and that should be enough.


Now that college Jews have become a ‘special’ protected class, it will create more anti Semitism than already exists and that anti Semitism has been on the rise for years.


Do Jews ever reflect on what is causing this rise in Jew hatred?

Of course, with Muslims now in significant numbers, that was to be expected, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Even if Muslims weren’t here there would still be a heavy rise in attacks on Jews, both verbally and physically.   With white America seeing a slow Communist take-over of the country and Left Jews, with their big mouths a big part of it, of course they are going to be the target of those who see their country becoming a shithole.


There will always be Jew hate to some degree, but if Jews were patriots and nationalists and in the forefront of keeping America for Americans, instead of the third world, they would at least be respected.


As the greatest modern Jewish leader, the late Rabbi Kahane, a far right wing rabbi, stated-‘Every Jew a .22.’ Jews don’t need special laws to protect themselves. They need to buy guns to defend themselves.   If they are attacked verbally, shrug it off, but if they are physically attacked then use that .22.


Isn’t it ironic that Jews, many whom refer to Trump as Hitler, find this man moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and writing a law to defend these wet noodle Jews.


Ten thousand Jewish citizens fought for the Confederacy and the Secretary of War for the South was Judah Benjamin, but somewhere during the industrial revolution they lost their way and don’t even realize that they come across as anti American to most of the population.


Many Israeli Jews consider American Jews an embarrassment and I do too!!!

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  1. On campus, they shouldnt even be talking about the mid east bs. What the hell does that have to do with getting a career or a job???

    Imo, the deans and the student faculties are cowards. They just allow leftists and jihadists harass colleges. The Jews there should not react like wet noodles and instead, clock them.

    Maybe he should have signed an order to cut off all funding to colleges promoting political correctness instead

  2. College Jews are misled by joining Zionist cults or groups voicing disapproval of Israel. College Jews would be safer if they only joined flag waving Jewish-American fraternities. They could then wave the American flag instead of the flag of Israel. Jews who are attacked on college campus should leave and get home schooled by thousands of Jewish American scholars. Israel should not be defended by Jews on college campus.

  3. Signing an order that promotes Jews as a minority protected under the civil rights law is a waste of paper. Jewish victims would have to convince the courts that they are a genuine Jew before granted civil rights protection. A non-Jew who has his yarmulke knocked off his head can falsely list it as a hate crime and seek civil rights protection. Genuine or authentic Jews need protection, but unless they can prove that they are a Jew their complaints would fall on deaf ears.

  4. so sad   the Orthodox Jews from Israel really seem to have got it right   more sad is they cant pass it along to leftist American Jews who still have working brains I support Israel and her people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the ONLY solution can come from Jews themselves

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