How Far We Have Fallen As a Nation In 2 Songs:

Years ago, I was having an argument with a young, Neo-Nazi gasbag.  He was talking about music.  I advised the dumbass that ‘music is the soul’ (of a person).  The idiot got all pissed off and blocked me after saying I was talking ‘nigga talk’.

No, its not ‘nigga’ talk.  

Songs have the power to take a person back to a point in time in their lives… it can bring tears to the eye faster than anything on this planet without being negative.  Songs can literally transport a person from being, say 65 years old to being a 22 year old in a millisecond.  I’ve seen it time and time again when I sing at assisted living homes.

I will show you how far we have fallen as a nation in these 2 songs:

1st SONG is Jo Stafford’s “Suddenly, Theres a valley”

Beautiful tune filled with longing, unfulfilled belonging. A piece of heaven.

Below, we have this pure trash as a ‘song’.  When these kids are 65 years old, will they remember this ‘song’ (noise pollution on a CD) as a fond memory? A time when they were in love or had their first child?  I hope the music industry is proud.  They’ve managed to turn the youth into a jungle habitat of violent children.  Sickening.

Cardi B’s “Bodack Yellow” (It should be called: “Gag, Puke, Vomit”.)

Enjoy, earthlings.  

Does this make you proud to be an American?

6 thoughts on “How Far We Have Fallen As a Nation In 2 Songs:

  1. It is true that love and hope has slowly been disappearing from songs. But it has been replaced by sexual and social anger. Protests about a pimp that is being abusive has made number one on the music charts.

  2. Music therapy is even being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients because it is so powerful. 🙂 Definitely a time travel machine, as is the sense of smell.

  3. Many Autistic children who can only bang their heads against the wall have benefited by being plugged into a music playing Walkman. The child is happier and often dances to the music. Certain types of music can provide entertainment to those severely impacted with brain damage. Some even in a coma will tap their finger to the beat of music.

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