Everything Will Be Alright…

Sometimes, we go thru hard times for many months or even years.  We really have to remind ourselves that hard times pass.  Good times pass also.  God helps me, personally.  I try to have a close personal relationship with God.    Thru many things, especially my Tinnitus, God is there. So, believe me, ‘this to shall pass’.

14 thoughts on “Everything Will Be Alright…

  1. My life has been very difficult and full of frustration, but never have I asked for spiritual support. My suffering has been contained in silence and a few times attempted suicide. Those who need gods are welcome but I can suffer alone.

  2. MJ, that tinnitus app from Sound Oasis looks pretty good. The trick is to get frequencies to exactly match the frequency of the ringing in your ears, and that looks like it does that. Good luck.

  3. Hey, Eft! Good to see you again!
    I have one and it really works!
    I hope youre well 🌹❤️

  4. I have high frequency tinnitus. It comes in episodes. It sucks. My left ear is all screwed up😢

  5. Hi MJ, I am hanging in there, and I hope you are doing well.
    Please remember that if you run a tinnitus app from your phone, you want to use a long enough headphone extension cable so that your phone can remain on the night table. Not a good idea to use your phone in bed: if a pillow gets thrown on top of it, it can overheat and catch fire!!

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