Well, the war hawks are out and ready to drop bombs all over Iranians. I can hear the cheers to ‘bomb, bomb Iran’, like its a joke.  Its not a damned joke and most sane Americans are tired of eternal wars in the middle east. I know me and mine are sick of it.

We have a war right here at home. A battle is being waged in Virginia: Patriotic Americans against hardened, Communist, America hating, white hating pigs who stole seats in Virginia. The people of VA gun rights are under attack.

We have a battle being waged against Trump by the same aforementioned Communists.  We have a war on our southern border.  There is a fight to stop the demographic shift and we’re losing. The Jews in NY are in a war against blacks. Black males are murdering whites. Our children are being kidnapped and forced into slavery in  foreign countries.. Pedophiles are wandering the streets. Militant drag queens are showing their dicks off in school libraries…ETC!!


The sobs want a war in Iran. Theyre blood thirsty eyes are ready to murder. Im not with em. May God finally curse these war mongering demons.


5 thoughts on “#NoWarInIran!

  1. This is not the time for a war in Iran/Iraq which would bring in China and Russia. Remember Israel is a small nation that could be carpet bombed by Iran’s missiles. Most of the Jews would be killed in that useless war. Arms manufactures are behind all these wars for their obscene profits.

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