I’m Sick of Females

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Yes, I do.

I think you suck.

Most women don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I include myself in this synopsis. Damn, I don’t even like myself half the time!!  I just read this ridiculous post about how feminist bimbos now want to ban breast feeding because it shows their ‘fragility’ to the world.  1st they fought to expose their nipples to feed their brats and now they think its ‘sexist’.. Lol. Dummies.  

 One of my friends called me the other night, complaining about her son.  I’ll call her Peg.  Peg is upset that her son is depressed but even more upset that he is getting anti depressants to help his depression.   The gist is that her 40 plus year old son wants to go to a Dr for help. She does not want this because she wants to help him. HELLO!?  He’s FORTY YEARS OLD.

Women just can’t ‘let go’ or ‘live and let live’.  They’ll hold an incident against their mate for 50 years.  Women have become totally uppity with NO respect for men at all.  Its repulsive. Women around me, even most Conservative women are always cracking jokes about how stupid men are, what asses they are, etc.  

I’m just so sick and tired of females. They can’t keep secrets, they get pissed off at the stupidest things.  They’re always crying about their ADULT children.  How they don’t have the jewelry they want, the clothes they want, the house they want, the car they want.. Good God, get a grip..

This one day, while I was out singing at a Hebrew Hospital in NY.. I saw this nasty, old hag “Yenta” beating the living shit out of her sweet, Jewish husband because he dared to get sick.  

Another time here in Prescott, I watched this couple go to their car with all the groceries.  The man was carrying every, single bag and the woman was carrying her Gucci purse only.  They go to the car, she didn’t even help her husband open the car door to put the groceries in.  Then, she got into the drivers seat and proceeded to scream and yell at her husband.  

I could go on and on…but you must follow my drift.  Many women abuse men, physically also.  I am just so sick and tired of the screeching harridan bitches. Save a few ladies I know on the blogosphere…….Most women are silly ass Bimbos.  

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20 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Females

  1. Thank you, MJ. This is the ugly face of feminism, and it keeps getting worse and worse. I’m glad that you get this. Unfortinately, many women don’t get their wake-up call until their young son gets falsely accused of sexual assault by a bratty girl in his class.
    The Democrats all compete to be the saviors of women, and turn their backs in helping men.

  2. You’re saying feminists and you’re nice.. But, I see it all over all women. Save 30 or so.

  3. White men have lost their self-esteem by being beaten down by hardened blacks and Hispanics. Whites on the job or in the military are treated like an abused woman. Colleges are filled with black psychopaths gangbanging white female students while the white man looks on with fear. Hitler said the fight for power will be won in the streets. Blacks control the streets while white males tremble behind locked doors.

  4. We have a rule in our marriage – no talking outside the marriage. Sometimes I wish I had a girl group but they get too intrusive – especially when you have the man that women drool for. So we don’t have much social life – don’t get around much anymore .. . . . but we are solid together and that is a whole lot better than bitches playing games. Yes we fight. Yes we make up. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” (from Love Story) Well we do sometimes have to say we are sorry and we DO LOVE each other. I never understood the unrealistic expectations we were set up for with that phrase. When I see the bitchy bitching bitches I don’t know how their marriages & families hold together. Maybe that’s all they know. Some people thrive on all that turmoil or need it to hide what they are doing. The women you describe have a wealth that I have never experienced & I just can’t relate to their priorities.

  5. FYI I wrote a book & it never posted. Not 1st time. Anyway I so agree with this. I miss having girlfriends but mostly they make it not worth it with their unreasonable behavior. Long talk with SIL last night and 1 huge topic was how so many of our relatives who ghosted us for decades suddenly want to be in our lives again (all women whose kids are grown and divorced. ) We don’t want them. Too much drama, victim mentality is a nationwide cultural phenomenon, and they all need a reality check to own their choices. We already saw decades ago how they come snuffling around the dying for what they might be able to get of monetary value – sentimental value isn’t a concept – my husband calls them “Material Girls. ” ooops – wrote a book again – hope it posts.

  6. Oh yeah. . . . when U have a husband that has a lot of female magnetism and every female is trying to split you up – yeah no more girlfriends. Why we don’t ever talk outside our marriage – ever.
    Recently one of the snuffling material girls came up from Tucson with her full of hate and hostility momma (another SIL) They ran into my husband in a store. Their jaws just dropped to see him still getting around (mostly with a scooter) and they couldn’t bother to say hi – he didn’t bother because he isn’t forgetful as they hoped and he already knows how they are – Been there! Done that! But put out feelers through extended family to restore the relationships that they blew up? Naaaaah. When you ghost young cousins for no discernible reason except your own guilt over causing death of a family member – MOMMA says never again. We could have worked it out back then but you heartbreak my kid & don’t want to be family? You made it forever.



  7. Men are in hiding as gals are coming after their wallets with harassment or even rape claims. Many happened 30 years ago in college.

  8. Yup . . . everybody is following that script. More destruction of families. Someone in my family is going to break up her sister’s marriage over 30 years old claim that was just inappropriate touching – not sex. The 1st time I learned that you could win a lawsuit with no proofs – just your say so as evidence – was with the Barnett family ranch. Now hordes of middle aged women think that they are going to court and get justice for inappropriate behavior that have NO PROOF of. Just their say so. What is the “justice ” that they seek? Money to pad their retirement accounts? Worth losing your sibling over?

  9. This is worthy of a song MJ. Pop Pop Pop Sike Pop Pop Pop Everybody’s doing it . . .

  10. There is nobody on the planet more charismatic, more thoughtful, more insightful and more beautiful inside and out than The Mad Jewess. I am old and wise and I instinctively know these things to be true so trust me.

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