Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:

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Part III of my trip to Heaven.

I told ya all about no pain in Heaven. God is the Oxygen in Heaven..
In Heaven.. I saw other beautiful planets, they were lovely pastel colors. What was on those planets? I dont know and cant remember. But, they were loveliness and the colors were AMAZING. It somewhat reminded me of when Glinda comes in a pink pastel ball in the Wizard of Oz?

I do know this: You can taste, feel, totally sense and totally know that God is IN every crevice and corner in Heaven. Its not like here in that respect.  You have no lack of faith in Heaven.  Ever.

Well…who do we SEE in Heaven?
In my testimony..

I was walking in a field in this trip, a beautiful green, soft like feathers field. And, I looked down this luscious hill and there were my family descendants.
And, the ones I saw, I had NOT met in life.  But I KNEW they were my descendants.
Some were young, some were a little older but I knew all of them.
They were so happy to see me and they were giving me “Kudos” for doing my work well on earth.
They were talking to me and I cant remember what they said as a LOT of my memory is gone from this trip.
Also, there was a family dog with them.
Another thing: One of my family members had a balloon

* Last Part of my trip to Heaven

Perhaps this is why I add balloons to my digital art…?


3 thoughts on “Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:

  1. Very interesting account of your visit in Heaven. I had always wondered, “if one goes to Heaven, and doesn’t see that someone they loved on earth isn’t there with them in Heaven, won’t that make one feel sad”….that a loved one “didn’t make it”. I heard a local Pastor explain this. He said, we will have the memory of that person – we will remember them – but there won’t be any associated “sadness” that they are not there with us. The other explanation given by the Pastor is that we may not have any memory of those who “didn’t make it.” It makes perfect sense to me.

    Curious if any others have thoughts on this.
    Take care MJ. God

  2. Thank you. I really couldnt believe God gave me this dream.
    I really wish I could REMEMBER more!
    God bless you

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