Last Part of my trip to Heaven


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Last Part of my trip to Heaven
There is no weight in Heaven, ZERO weight! NO burdens, no cares, no worries, no illness, no handicaps, no disease! AND, you are YOURSELF and you feel wonderful and beautiful.

As I was walking thru Heaven, even flying.. I was weightless. There is no weight there. You’re light as a feather. Not a care in the world…

The 3rd scene was this:
The Heavenly host came up to me, began speaking in harmony to me.. They said: Paulette, you have to go back to the earth. I was so blown away because I felt like I was there a LONG TIME!!
I know this much: I DIDNT want to come back here. At all. I was upset because they told me I had much more work to do for the Kingdom. I didnt want to come here but I had no choice. There was nothing I could say that would ‘manipulate’ them to allow me to stay in this serene Haven.
After seeing I could not budge them, LOL… I said, OK. IF I go back there, will I be able to come back here? They answered YES!! So, I said, OK, “I will go back to that horror place, but one more thing”: “How long have I been here? ” They told me, in your realm, it feels like 2 years. But, you have only been here TWO MINUTES.
Then, I understood why God can see future, past, present, anything… Because there is NO TIME in Heaven. NONE. NO deadlines. Therefore, NO anxieties ever again.
I told them: “OK! I will go”. they told me that they were taking my memory, save a few instances because I would be depressed if I remembered it all and had to come back here. So, the little I remember gave me hope.
I was slammed back into my body and woke up.

This is my personal vision/Dream/Instance in time where I saw Heaven. It is my experience. I do not tell people to take it as some type of ‘Gospel truth‘.   I just know there is a Heaven!  I do not recall more than this.  So much memory was taken from me.

YOU DO HAVE a whole future and hope to look forward to.

Its ALL in the Bible.

Read about Heaven in the Bible.

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