Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:

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Part III of my trip to Heaven.

I told ya all about no pain in Heaven. God is the Oxygen in Heaven..
In Heaven.. I saw other beautiful planets, they were lovely pastel colors. What was on those planets? I dont know and cant remember. But, they were loveliness and the colors were AMAZING. It somewhat reminded me of when Glinda comes in a pink pastel ball in the Wizard of Oz?

I do know this: You can taste, feel, totally sense and totally know that God is IN every crevice and corner in Heaven. Its not like here in that respect.  You have no lack of faith in Heaven.  Ever.

Well…who do we SEE in Heaven?
In my testimony..

I was walking in a field in this trip, a beautiful green, soft like feathers field. And, I looked down this luscious hill and there were my family descendants.
And, the ones I saw, I had NOT met in life.  But I KNEW they were my descendants.
Some were young, some were a little older but I knew all of them.
They were so happy to see me and they were giving me “Kudos” for doing my work well on earth.
They were talking to me and I cant remember what they said as a LOT of my memory is gone from this trip.
Also, there was a family dog with them.
Another thing: One of my family members had a balloon

* Last Part of my trip to Heaven

Perhaps this is why I add balloons to my digital art…?

More Dreams Of Las Vegas In A Major Earthquake & Ruins

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This dream is from a Prophetic friend of mine, Tim Shey.  The Lord has shown me he is a Prophet of God.   The Lord showed HIM that devastation is coming to Vegas.  

I had the dream of the flood there, Tim had a vision of an earthquake.  One thing I believe.. Is that a terrible time is coming to L.V….Judgment, destruction and devastation.  In 2019, there were several large earthquakes in L.V.  One measuring 6.4 on the richter scale

Do not mock. Do not stir the anger of the Lord.  

SEE:  Las Vegas Earthquake


God Took Me To Heaven, Here Is My Experience:


The night I went to Heaven. Part I

One night about 9 months ago, I think I died in my sleep. Im not sure because when I went to Heaven…Heaven felt so real but so did earth. I guess because they are both real?

Anyway, in my dream or vision, I entered Heaven: There were no big bells and whistles entering Heaven, it was as natural as walking into another room. In fact, ‘death’ (if that is what happened to me was the most natural thing.) Entering Heaven was faster than the blink of an eye. As I was walking around in Heaven, the first people to meet me was a Heavenly host? Im not sure. Seems like it was 3 people. They spoke in harmony and they seemed to be the hostess’/host. They were serene, in total peace. Love was the air in Heaven.

The first thing the host told me was: “Pauli, this is where you let go of all your hurts forever”. I was astounded by this and advised them: “BUT, I forgave these people on earth, I dont get it!” The host told me: “we know you forgave them…but that does not mean the hurt and pain left you!”. I was absolutely relieved by this answer! I was relieved because I always equaled hurt with unforgivness. But, thats not the case! YES! We still carry pain even though we have forgiven! YES! We still hurt over certain issues! As long as we do not allow bitterness to set in.

End of Part one.

Part 2. HEAVEN…. 

So, Ive established (in my last post) that we let go of hurt when we enter Heaven: “He shall wipe away every tear“. Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

I saw a host of 3 beings. Or 3 part harmony voices of Angels? I cannot recall. A lot was taken from my memory because…who would want to come back to earth after being in Heaven? If you remember it all, would be depressed, living here on earth!!

At any rate: As I ‘let go‘ of my past, earthly hurts, I suddenly FLEW! I was flying! High up in the Heavens! I was never alone, either. Hosts of people, angelic beings were all around me. As I ‘let go‘ of one pain after the next, I FLEW higher! I was weightless! There is no weight in Heaven, ZERO weight! NO burdens, no cares, no worries, no illness, no handicaps, no disease! And, as each pain and hurt fell off, I just flew higher. All I wanted to do was fly higher. I remember this quite well. It seemed that you got even closer to God and Jesus (if that were possible) as you flew higher. Everything in this particular realm was centered around letting earthly pains GO! Everyone there in that realm was only interested in flying higher, to be totally free of the pains from the planet.

That being said, I was also in a realm, (later on) where some of my pains and hurts were a little deeper so I was ‘held’ in a space until I ‘let it go‘. But, this did not depress me at all. The helpers/host assisted me. And, time is of no value in Heaven. There is NO time in Heaven. NONE. God is the CLOCK. He is the watcher of the ‘time’. Nobody in Heaven is consumed with time at all. Its FREE from time. Free of deadlines…therefore, FREE of anxiety! God has every single thing, every plant, every person in his hands. The oxygen in Heaven is THE LORD.


End Of Part II

I will add Part III & IV next week.

Part III

Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:


Last Part of my trip to Heaven

The DJT #Impeachment Story Nobody Gives A Damn About

It’s true.  

Nobody is really watching this scam.  Honestly, its just boring TV.. The Communist-Crat party has continually ranted on and on about impeaching Trump for the last 2 years.  Its the modern day “Peter and the Wolf”, except there is no ‘big bad’ wolf with the exception of the Democrat party and their GOP cohorts. 

Trump has done nothing that warrants impeachment.  Nothing.  The Communist-Crat party has taken this nation apart for the last 40 years and now people see how they really are.  Most Americans are against this Soap opera drama ‘impeachment’.    A majority of people hate Hillary Clinton and most are none too fond of Bernie Stalin.  The D party has no real candidate that is viable.
The Dems are just a dying party because people are tired of spreading their wealth, sick of the D party’s bigotry against white Americans and Christians, the Dem cat-call of  black Conservatives: “You Uncle Tom…”, the ‘men’ playing in womens sports, Drag Queen story hour for children, ‘Pedos arent monsters’, seeking to confiscate people’s guns just goes on and on.  Theyre rotten, miserable pigs.

If you are not sick and tired of the Dem party, you deserve a nice slice of horse-sh!t pie. This ‘impeachment’ is bogus.  If the D party was smart, they’d pack it up, let it faze out and GO HOME.  (Forever, I wish)

Reports: Schiff Led House Managers Have Senators in “Agony” and “Bored Out of Their Minds” at Impeachment Trial


I Had A SERIOUS Spiritual Dream About Tommy Robinson From The English Defense League

This dream I had in 2012 happened like I said to Tommy Robinson.

The Mad Jewess

Please forgive my writing. I just woke up out of this dream and it is 1:46 AM.

Messages of the night are from God, which God has promised to ALL peoples on the earth in the end ages, (meaning: I am nobody special)

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My spirit. From the book of Joel

(I have seen one story of this person named Tommy Robinson on TV.  It was some stupid, lying, leftist propaganda film about “Islamophobia.”  GOD help me remember this dream to write it accurately.) English “Defen’c’e League”

In this message of the night, (dream) I saw a…

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UPDATE: Apocalyptic Dream I Had About Las Vegas. Is It Coming To Pass?

Apocalyptic Dream I Had About Las Vegas at 2:33 AM

Update:  March 17, 2020

The Governor of NV mandates Vegas to shut down during Communist takeover of USA:

Dreams from the Lord are SPIRITUAL.  Water can mean overtaken, swimming in debt, drowning financially.  

Joel 2:28 ‘And it shall come to pass afterward, That I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions’

I just woke up from an apocalyptic dream about Las Vegas. I have had apocalyptic dreams most of my life.

Here it is:

I was in Las Vegas. (Why I was there, I dont know, I wont go there again.)
I was helping some person who was unfortunate. As I was helping her, she just got worse, started acting horrible and I left. Enough helping her.
I went back to my car but for some reason, I couldnt get to it fast enough. On the way to my car, I felt like…(dont talk to anyone). So, I kept disregarding them.

But, I just couldnt get to my car.

So, I had to turn around and go back into the building.
When I got into the building, there was a high alert:

Widespread panic took place. As we started running up the building, the flood waters were rising quickly. I started singing, ‘We place you, on the highest place, for you are the great high priest’… people started singing with me.

The flood waters got higher and higher. The pressure of the building was making it collapse. We were singing louder. The building started spinning. The waters started engulfing each person, me also. I said: Lord, please receive my spirit’.

I woke up.

Click to see Tim Shey’s dream:

More Dreams Of Las Vegas In A Major Earthquake & Ruins



San Fran’s New #Communist D.A., (Bill Ayers Adopted Son) Fired 7 Important Attny’s

San Fran’s New #Communist D.A., Bill Ayers Adopted Son Fired 7 Attny’s

What more needs to be said about this next race baiting jackass?  The typical Communist fist, AND:   Within 48 hours of being sworn in as San Fran D.A.. Boudin fired 7 veteran attorneys, says Guilfoyle, including several who were responsible for managing critical criminal units such as homicide, gang, and general felony.  

This Communist, Boudin has:

Many people I know are saying “MAGA”!! Grow up. Look around you.  Gun rights are threatened, NYC signed a bill which allows rapists and murderers to go Scot-free. In Virginia, they could possibly be in the first stages of Civil War, there are hundreds of reports of mass voter fraud in almost every state, women who are into sports are having to compete against MEN who are pretending to be females, Pelosi giggles and hands out pens with bullets as she laughs at her phony impeachment scam… I could go on and on.  

Trump said that he would ‘restore order’.  Sure. Next week after the fire.  We’re headed for bad times and they’re only getting worse. Get real.


My Led Zeppelin III Album Sketch

I drew this when I was 16 or 17 I think.  I was enamored with ‘evil’ whitey rock groups.  I loved ’em so much, so, I wanted to draw Led Zep.  My friend, Mike H taught me how to ‘black out’ faces.  So, I attempted it!

Here it is:


Here is the original from a CD:

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“Get ‘Em Before They’re Extinct” “MeUndies” Underwear Ad About White Women?!

“Get ‘Em Before They’re Extinct” “MeUndies” Underwear Ad About White Women?!

This is the website with this ad:  MeUndies

The Communist Left is not even subtle anymore about their quest to destroy the white people off the earth.  “Get ‘Em Before They’re Extinct”? Like it’s really supposed to mean their ‘undies’.  BS.   It is straight up Freudian.   These people are evil.  They rant on and on about Hitler but they ARE the Hitler of this generation.   Stay away from Leftists.  

Communist, Race-mixing AD on MeUndies.Com